Dillion On Top In GP Pipe Qualifier

Keir Dillon couldn’t really have asked for a better day. The clouds shaded early qualifying heats moved out, the sun was shining and he was sitting on top of the list after a day of qualifying. But when it was over he was his normal humble self. “The day was good,” he said. “Actually it wasn’t that rad, but whatever. I was nervous and it was sketchy.”

Apparently the judges didn1t think so. Keir and second place qualifier Guy Deschesne were nearly two points ahead of third place qualifier Kyle Clancy.

Luke Wynen qualified in the magical 17th place right ahead of Chris Nelson and Zach Horwitz and he was pretty happy about it. “I squeeked in there,” he said.The qualifiers ran in three heats. Each heat included two runs with the best run counting. The top top 17 scores from the combined heats advanced on to the finals. These 17 riders will join pre-qualifiers Tommy Czechin, Adam Patraska, Danny Kass and 16 others in tomorrows finals.

Halfpipe Qualifying ResultsMen

1. Keir Dillon 39.70

2. Guy Deschesne 39.4

3. Kyle Clancy 37.5

4. Greg Wilson 37.2

5. Greg Goulet 37.2

6. Todd Richards 36.8

7. Luke Omand 36.50

8. Jeff Anderson 36.4

9. Louie Fountain 36.2

10. Mark Reilly 36.2

11. Seth Wescott 36.1

12. Ricky Bower 35.8

13. Chauncy Tanton 35.5

14. Rob Kingwill 35.3

15. Bryan Iguchi 35.00

16. Lael Gregory 34.6

17. Luke Wynen 34.4