Danny Davis Jams One Out. Late night, early morning, no problem.

Danny Davis Jams One Out. Late night, early morning, no problem. Photo: Russell Kaczmar

Today was prelim day for the first stop of the Winter Dew Tour—which means riders were trying to qualify into the weekend's main events in both slopestyle and halfpipe. For riders trying to make the final and get on this 3 part tour—today was a long one. Pipe in the first half of the day, slope later. After the sun sank behind the peaks, riders were still hitting the slopestyle course and when Mason Aguirre finished his last run, he flopped the ground—"I am dead," he said. How could he not be? Pipe practice started at 8-o'clock in the morning. And slopesyle prelims wrapped up around four. The price of glory.

Events today were a mixed-bag all the way around. Pros were getting chased by hungry kids. The weather was all over the place. Windy then not, then sunny, then arctic.  Standard contest fare pretty much. Norway's Kjersti Buaas qualified in 1st for pipe and hyped said, "The pipe is really good—it's actually gotten better in the past few days." At the same time, beardo Danny Davis was calling it a "mini-ramp." Lots of chatter going on about the size of the pipe. The collective question—Why no 22-footer? Regardless, the riders put on a good show.

Pipe Highlights: Finland's Janne Korpi, back-to-back 10s. Austbo & Dylan Bidez, going huge. Mason Aguirre, Cab10 to Front 9 combo.Ross Baker, tens.

Slope Highlights: Halldór Helgason, front 10 double-cork. Sage Kotsenburg, Cab 9, front 10, backside 10 double-cork combo.Chas Guldemond, methods.

Men’s Slopestyle Results

1. Halldór Helgason

2. Chas Guldemond

3. Sage Kotsenburg

4. Eric Willet

5. Stef Zeestraten

6. Heikki Sorsa

7. Tyler Flanagan

8. Brandon Reis

9. Scotty Lago

10. Sam Hulbert

For Full Results, Go To DEW TOUR SITE. We’ll See You At The Finals.