Deluge of December Snow at Mt. High

Wrightwood, CA — January 5, 2005: Mountain High’s solid start continues into mid season as new snow and strong holiday visits close out 2004. More than five feet of fresh powder fell during the latter half of December and guests of all ages celebrated on the slopes. Holiday visitors flocked to the Wrightwood resort for their chance at the perfect run and visits remain up now that the skies have cleared. Current conditions mirror those of Colorado or Utah who have, in fact, received less snow recently than regional areas. Mountain High, which opened on October 27th, 2004, is now reporting a four to six foot base and over 200,000 visits at the end of 2004.

Said Karl Kapuscinski, Mountain High’s General Manager, “This is one year in 50 for weather. It has created so much excitement in the business. Anything having to do with winter is booming.

Mountain High has already received more snow than the entire 2003/2004 season and roughly five times the normal amount for this time of year. This has generated huge interest in not only traditional skiers and snowboarders, but fringe participants as well. Beginner lessons were sold out for nearly two weeks during the holidays and weekend warriors continue to bomb down midweek slopes.

Said Karl Kapuscinski, “We’re seeing whole families participating, not just young adults. Five years ago, that was all you saw, but today we have a wide mix of skiers and snowboarders who range from beginners all the way up to expert.

In light of recent years, Mountain High’s operators are ecstatic over the current conditions and confident that they will be reflected in the visits. Mountain High regularly generates 500,000 visits per season and this year they have the potential to break the 600,000 mark. For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact John McColly, Director of Marketing, at (760) 316-7830.