DC Team at Camp of Champs

Hey Everyone,

I hope you’re all having a great summer! This year at Camp Of Champions has been the best yet. The park’s amazing and we’ve got tons of new features--four new forty-foot flat boxes, a big Nomis box which is basically a dance floor, a bunch of new rails, big jumps, and a dope half pipe. Needless to say I’m having one of the best summers of my life.

I also wanted to let everyone know that the DC SNOW team is coming to Camp Of Champions for Session E (July 14-20), so you’re going to see the likes of Devun Walsh, Travis Parker, Todd Richards, Aaron Bitner, Priscilla Levac, and hopefully Edie Wall. Try that line up on for size man, it’s going to be a blaster--as Travis Parker would say. The DC team is going to be doing catalog shoots, boot testing, and hanging with all the kids. It’s going to be GTWTBs--Good times with the Bros)

I hope all’s well with everyone and don’t miss out on Session E. There’s still room and you don’t want this opportunity to slip, so hit up Camp of Champions in Whistler this summer get your shred on with us--there’s still time to sign up.

Simon Chamberlain

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