Vista, California--Coinciding with the launch of Amped 3, a continuation of one of the best-selling Xbox sports games of all time, DC has produced 150 limited edition pairs of the Amped 3 Park LE Snowboard Boots for sale late November at select snowboarding shops across the country. The third in a successful series, Amped 3 features the DC Mtn. Lab terrain park property and house in the games’ highest level, making this the first time a private park and residence have been featured in a video game.

“It’s quite an honor to have your own private home and terrain park represented as the highest level in a video game, said DC President Ken Block. “When Gunny (Park Developer Chris “Gunny Gunnarson) and Nate Larsen (Art Director of the game’s creator, Indie Built) approached me with this idea, I was immediately on board. It’s absolutely amazing to have my home immortalized like this!

Nate had this to say about involvement with DC: “We’ve been super stoked on Ken’s support from the beginning like the limited edition Amped 3 Park LE Boot, having the game in the bonus features of the DC Mtn. Lab Video and more, said Nate. _ “We love going to the Mtn. Lab and being based here in Utah made it easy for us to work with Gunny and Ken to document and design the Lab as the highest level in the game.

The final level of Amped 3 has all the elements of DC’s private snowboard park represented, including the rope tow, stair feature, rails, forked aspen and the road gap. It also incorporates the house and surrounding countryside along with DC pro’s Travis Parker and Devun Walsh as game characters. While in Utah at the Lab this past fall, Devun Walsh and Travis Parker went into the studio for photos and voiceovers to be recreated as DC pros in the game.

The Amped 3 Park LE Boot is a special edition of DC’s top of the line park-riding boot, the Park Boot, and comes with a special box that holds the Amped 3 game in its lid. The black/pink boot colorway is available only in this exclusive promotion, which matches the colors and graphics of the Amped 3 game. Because the Park Boot has been built for park riders, the Amped 3 Park LE ties in perfectly with the game’s theme, specifically the final level at the DC Mtn. Lab. The Amped 3 Park LE Boot will be available at exclusive snowboard shops in late November and retails for $189.99.

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