Day 2: Mt. Bachelor Grand Prix Slopestyle

February 4, 2007, The Grand Prix Slopestyle course consisted of a triple line through the upper section into either the “Eiffel tower” rail or a snow butter box, and ending with a rail.

The women’s finals started on the icy slopes of the morning and ended on the same firm slopes, while the men were challenged by slushy qualifiers but icy finals. Overshooting and washed out landings were par for the course in the first round of men’s finals. Most riders figured it out by their second run, but it was the East Coast riders who came out on top. Ian Thorely and Tim Humphreys were head to head until the very last run. Waterville Valley Academy rider Ian edged out Tim in his final run. He linked together a switch backside rodeo to a front 7, back 7, to a front board over the Eiffel tower, and a back 270 down the rail-he threw a nine into his final run for victory. Tim’s high scoring run was a switch backside 7 to a Cab 9 to a back 7 and into the Eiffel tower and down rail. Both riders stuck their landings extra clean and floated on the poppy kickers-not having any problems with the firm landings.

Jenny Jones, an established rider from England linked together a backside three, to a sweet nose grab, and a frontside three, hitting the Eiffel tower and the down bar. She leaped from sixth place in the qualifiers to first in her second run.

Trick of the day went to Scotty Lago for his switch backside nine stomped clean in his first run of finals. 2,500 bucks, Son.

The Chevrolet U.S. Snowboard Grand Prix wraps up February 22-25 at Tamarack Resort, Idaho with a Superpipe and a snowboard cross event. See you there.

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Women’s Slopestyle Results
1. Jenny Jones, 41.50
2. Jordan Karlinski, 36.90
3. Ellery Hollingsworth, 30.80
4. Faye Gulini, 26.00
5. Tara Zwink, 23.60
6. Kaitlyn Farrington, 10.00

Men’s Slopestyle Results
1. Ian Thorley, 43.00
2. Tim Humphreys, 41.50
3. Scotty Lago, 39.90
4. Josh Sherman, 34.90
5. Cameron Egan, 32.60
6. Steven Fisher, 28.40
7. Seth Hill, 23.50