Dakine Team Update

Da Kine’s 2002-03 snowboard team roster is set. With some of the top pros in the world, Da Kine’s team reflects a commitment to promote all aspects of snowboarding, from technical freestyle to big mountain riding.

The team roster includes Gabriel Authier, Carsten Bahnson, Beckna, Gretchen Bleiler, Tom Burt, Shin Campos, Shandy Campos, Tyeson Carmody, Jon Cartwright, Jessica Dalpiaz, Josh Dirksen, Chris Engelsman, Martin Gallant, Roger Hjelmstadstuen, Jesse Huffman, Tyler Lepore, Janna Meyen, Justin Mooney, Guillaume Morrisette, Mitch Nelson, Leslee Olson, J.F. Pelchat, Benji Ritchie, Jon Roth, Brandon Ruff, Jacob Soderqvist, Kale Stephens, Peter Strom, Gabe Taylor and Eric Themel.

In recent team news:

Josh Dirksen is setting out with Salomon/Bonfire on the Vicinity worldwide film premiere tour to promote Kingpin’s “Happy Hour” and Robot Food “Afterbang”, with stops in the US, Japan and Europe.

Chris Engelsman is gearing up for the official Robot Food “Afterbang” worldwide tour.

Mitch Nelson , JF Pelchat, Janna Meyen, andKale Stephens all have feature spots in Mack Dawg’s new film, “Pulse”.

Janna Meyenjust moved to Bend, Oregon, and bought a house there. Is Janna getting domestic on us? No Way! Rumor has it that she’s building a bmx track in the back yard and, of course, is planning for some serious ragers this winter!

Mitch Nelson spent his summer getting his Utah real estate license – a perfect summertime project for someone who knows a bunch of rich snowboarders buying houses around SLC.

Canadians Jon Cartwright and Benji Ritchie are heading to Montreal for the “Clockwork” film premiere.

Gretchen Bleiler got second place at the FIS Halfpipe season opener in Chile. (She beat out Olympian Kelly Clark, who took 3rd.)

Check out Roger Hjelmstadstuen in Absinthe Films’ “Vivid”. Jacob Soderqvist is busy organizing this year’s The Battle, to be held again in Falun, Sweden.