Daddies Steps It Up

Daddies Board Shop, a family owned skateboard and snowboard shop opened May 31st in their new location in Northeast Portland. In business for 12 years, Daddies has expanded from their original 700 sq.ft. to over 2200 sq.ft of retail space and added two employees. As a member of the Portland Business Journal’s 2005 “Fastest Growing Companies list, Daddies has always catered to the specialty niche market of longboards, race and Old School equipment as well as their winter time passion for snowboarding.

With the greatly expanded retail location Daddies plans to increase their inventory to include more unique boards, wheels and trucks as well as provide longboard skateboard rentals/demos, a service unique to the Portland area. “When we are done ramping this place up we are going to be the largest skate shop in Oregon. We already provide more choices for customization than almost anyone on the web. says co-owner Melanie Loveland.

The abundance of skateparks, including the new Glenhaven Park just down the street, is a good indication of the skate-friendly environment in Oregon. Daddies specialty has blossomed with the growth of longboard skateboarding. “We began carrying longboards shortly after we opened in 1995 when there were only a couple of boards; no one even knew what they were when we rode them around town. says Dan Loveland, co-owner and longtime skater. “Right now three-quarters of our inventory caters to Longboards, Downhill racers and “Old School riders. We try to provide not only a wide selection of decks but also any accessory riders might want. When people are shopping they want more than just “cookie-cutter completes.

Founded by a mother-son team, Daddies has maintained their small shop feel over the years, packing a world class selection into a neighborhood location. “Internet customers from France have showed up at the shop surprised, asking where our warehouse is. We were their first stop off of the plane, on the way to Mt. Hood or Newberg skatepark. says Melanie Loveland. Daddies online business has really bloomed since 1999 when e-commerce slowly became the skater and snowboarder’s research “tool of choice. Online information on new products and the availability of some very rare vintage skateboard items has completely changed the way that customers shop. Daddies has shipped boards, clothing and accessories all over the country and the world. “We are fast, accurate and knowledgeable, this really sets us apart on the web and in the store. says Melanie.


Daddies Board Shop, founded in 1995, offers a wide selection of skateboard and snowboard products with excellent “family-owned customer service from their retail location in Portland, Oregon and online at