Nick Fesenmeyer of Crested Butte Ski Patrol has been working hard to keep people safe at the resort this week, as much of Colorado has been getting slammed with more snow than many local roads and businesses can handle. After controlling the slopes at work yesterday, he came home to a big surprise.

“I guess there are worse things,” Nick said. “It could not be snowing.”


“You know when the avy danger is real when they come into your house.” – Nick Fesenmeyer, Crested Butte Ski Patrol



The Crested Butte Avalanche Center posted an atypical update today:


“Extreme avalanche danger is rare.  Since 1985, we’ve seen about 4 or 5 events that met that criteria.  These aren’t avalanche conditions that even the most experienced backcountry travelers are accustomed to dealing with, so you shouldn’t rely on your usual bag of tricks to manage terrain or set your skin track. There is a good chance we will see some slides running far into flat terrain; areas that you wouldn’t normally consider as dangerous.”


It’s awesome out there right now. It’s also dangerous. Be mindful dropping in. And apparently in some cases, before climbing in bed for the night.

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