“Craig Kelly Is My Copilot” Stickers Available

“Craig Kelly Is My Copilot” Stickers Available

If you were at or watched the X Games in late January, you might have spotted a new sticker placed strategically on Shaun White’s bib that said: Craig Kelly is my copilot.

“In terms of why we made the stickers, it was pretty spontaneous,” says Alex Hillinger, a local Aspen snowboarder. “At first I wanted to wear a T-shirt to the X Games that had ‘Craig Kelly is my Copilot’ written across it, and decided that I probably wasn’t the only one who felt that way. I suggested to my brother Seth that we make the stickers, and we just decided f*ck it, let’s do it. We had to bribe the girl at the print shop with a box of chocolates so she’d print them for us overnight.”

Having been involved with the sport for years and even working at Ride Snowboards several years back gave Hillinger a respect for the legendary rider. “In some way, every snowboarder owes a debt of gratitude to Craig Kelly whether they realize it or not. He just did so much for the sport, not only as a pro rider but also in terms of progressing the technology too.”

In addition to producing the stickers, he and his brother also set up a Web site (craigkellyismycopilot.com) to sell the stickers for a dollar each. On the Web site there’s also pictures of people holding the stickers up, and it includes such notable pro snowboarders as Barrett Christy, Megan Pishke, and Tina Basich.

“The site is a way for the snowboard community to show what Craig meant to them and help keep his vision going. We’d love to have hundreds of people’s photos on there.”

But he’s not in it to make money. All profits will go to the Craig Kelly Memorial Scholarship Fund established by the Canadian Avalanche Association. The fund is for a Memorial Scholarship to be established to help snowboarders pursuing avalanche and mountain guiding careers.

For more information or to get your own “Craig Kelly is my copilot” sticker, log on to: www.craigkellyismycopilot.com