Yale Cousino had what it takes and beat out a pretty heavy crew in Portland, Oregon. Whoa, wait, a snowboard contest in the summer, what gives? This rail jam was actually part of the Dew Action Sports tour, a little mini X Games-type event. The event is based around skateboarding, moto X, and BMX. For this, the third stop, Dew threw in a snowboard rail jam as well.

This thing went down where the Portland Trailblazers play, in downtown Portland, and not up at Timberline like you’d think. They just brought in chunks of ice from a glacier in Canada, ground it up, and voila, snow.

Overall, the event was fun; in addition to the sports you could watch there were all sorts of activities for the fans: bike jumps, bands, hot chicks, and free stuff were just the beginning. As far as the snowboarding goes, it was sick to see in August. The atmosphere was low key-it seemed most of the riders were stoked to see each other in the middle of the summer and hang out in fancy hotels at the expense of their sponsors. For example, Eddie Wall was up so late the night before the contest that he slept until 6:00 p.m. the night of the contest. Pretty much everyone in the contest ended up at the Hilton at 3:00 a.m. Saturday night, making mischief.

Were these guys pulling mad tail? Not really, the party was pretty much all dudes-the life of a snowboard pro. Anyway, The Dew Tour has more stops around the country, but this was the only stop with a snow event.Results
1. Yale Cousino
2. Eddie Wall
3. Colin Langlois
4. Mike Casanova
5. Chris Rotax
6. Pat Milbery
7. Doran Laybourn
8. Darrell Mathes
9. Aaron Biittner
10. Brett Butcher