Countdown to Gromfest Finals Has Begun

Countdown to Shred

Seattle, WA - March 19, 2009 - It just occurred to us...we're only 4 months out from the 2009 Gromfest Finals.  That means it's time for our monthly installment of "Countdown to Shred," where you the readers get to find out something new and exciting coming to the Great Northwest Gromfest Finals this year.  From events to prizes to guests we'll start unveiling it all here over the next few months.

This month's installment...EVENING EVENTS

As many readers know, the Gromfest Crew makes sure that you are so packed with things to do during the finals that you'll get no sleep.  Well of course that's not our intention it just seems to happen.  This year will be no different.  Every time competitors get off the hill or out of the skate park we'll be whisking them off to yet another activity.

Similar to last year, Gromfest will host a BBQ in the Park one evening that will not only provide dinner for all who attend, but be the venue for the 2009 SKATE Awards.  Bust out the soccer balls and frisbees cause once again this evening activity will take place in Rebagliati Park.

The Gromfest Movie Premiere is back again and thanks to Millenium Place Youth Center, it will once again offer two showings.  Since we packed both showings last year we couldn't cut back this summer, especially since we're going even bigger with the movies this July.  While we're not ready to announce just what movies will be premiered in 2009, we will tell you that it will be a mix of old and new, meaning think of who we had last year and then add some additional big potential new movies.  Jones Soda, Vitamin Water and newcomer Red Bull will be offered for free again at this event as well as popcorn courtesy of the Youth Center.  Combine a skate ramp, pool, a raffle and guest pros and you've got a Movie Premiere that will definitely top last summer's.

Biggest change this year will be the Underground Skate Jam.  Because of the 2010 Olympics, the old underground park was destroyed so that the parking garage can have full use of their spots.  While this means no more Underground Skate Jam, fear not, we're moving outside and creating the "Late Night Shred" event.  Held in Whistler Skate Park, Gromfest and Millenium Place Teen Center are teaming up to create the next best thing.  Under the lights, skaters will have the opportunity to shred with competitors, campers and locals alike while music will be provided by a local DJ and a raffle will be provided by Gromfest.  The highest ollie competition, longest manual and best trick events will be back and Gromfest is creating the new "International Kickflop Championships."  Basic premise: if you can kickflip you can't be in the competition, this event is for new skaters only.

Things are coming together for 2009 and this looks to be the best Gromfest Finals yet.  If you aren't already planning on being a part you may want to get in don't want to miss this.

Coming next month: PRIZES

Until then click HERE for more info.

About Gromfest:
Gromfest started in 2006 as an amateur skate and snow competition that gives kids 18 & under the opportunity to be in the spotlight and show off their skills.  No crazy rules, no crazy requirements, just crazy riding.  In addition, Gromfest donates proceeds to non-profit, alternative sports programs that benefit kids.  By doing this, Gromfest is assuring bright futures.