Cookes Wins Cattleman’s Rail Jam in Australia

(July 16, 2007) — Burton’s second annual Burton Rail Jam at Victoria’s Mt Buller took place on Saturday night with Max Cookes claiming 1st Place and walking away with $3,000 of the $4,500 prize pool. Robbie Walker and Mikey Williams split the $1,000 for second place and Ryan Tiene walked away with the $500 best trick prize.

Ten of the country’s top riders were invited to charge the infamous rail including Max Cookes, Mikey Williams, Ryan Tiene, Robbie Walker, Charles Beckinsale, Gus St Leon, Tom Pelley, Chris Eacott and Alex the Russian. Chris Boadle, joint winner of the inaugural event last year was unable to compete due to a pre-existing injury.

Burton held a qualifying contest on the Saturday afternoon with the invited riders judged the qualifying contest to see who would go head-to-head with the invited riders on the Cattleman’s Rail. Jye Kearney, Ben Willick, Jason Maxfield, Allie Coates and Nick Wood were chosen from the pool of 40 riders who sessioned Mt Buller Park for a solid 2 hours in an attempt to get through.

Supported by a 500+ crowd, it was Burton’s Max Cookes who took away first place with a repertoire of tricks included every possible 270 onto the rail, even landing a backside hardway 270.

2nd place was jointly awarded to Mikey Williams and Robbie Walker. Mikey’s bag of tricks included a gap to lipslide cab 270 onto rail, and a 50/50 through the kink frontside 180 out and Robbie’s smooth cab 270 front board over the gap was his stand-out moment during the 1.5 hour jam session.

14 year old Burton rider Jye Kearney blew the crowd away with multiple blunt 270 outs on the side rails and a huge backflip over the stairs. Fellow young gun qualifier Jason Maxfield also killed it and impressed the judges; both were first timers on Mt Buller’s Cattleman’s Rail.

The event was streamed live on the web by the boys behind Pop Magazine, a first for an Australian snowboarding event. Check it out at