Construction Under Way For Burton NZ Open

Lake Wanaka, New Zealand--Three of the world’s top terrainpark designers are due to commence building the slopestyle course at theSnow Park for next week’s Burton NZ Open.

Snow Park’s mountain manager Frank Wells, Jeremiah Pedley and JeremyCarpenter, all of US consultancy company Snow Park Technologies, will beginconstructing the course and finish fine-tuning the 150m halfpipe andnine-metre quarterpipe in the lead up to the first competition in the BurtonOpen international series.

The slopestyle course was designed by Wells, a terrain park guru who hasbeen creating park and pipe features for 14 years. The course starts with anurban stair feature, moving to a variety of rails, down to a 14m jumpfollowed by an 18m jump. Riders complete the course by either taking on awall ride or a gap-to-rail.

“I think the riders will enjoy the course. It’s more of a technical course,not so much a gnarly one. People are going to see some amazing riding,”Wells said.

Groomers and snow makers have been working around the clock to make the parkand pipes to a world-class standard. Snow for the huge quarterpipe will needto be hand-shovelled into the jump.

“More snow’s been made at the park than any other year. We are reallyexcited – this is definitely the best position we’ve been in as far ashaving the snow to build what we want. I think it’s unprecedented in NewZealand for a snow event,” Wells said.

Burton NZ Open event manager Reuben Yeoman said: “It’s amazing having thislevel of talent for the Burton NZ Open. It shows that we will be putting ona world-class event.”

The Burton NZ Open kicks off on Thursday August 3, 2006, with the slopestyleevent. The halfpipe prelims run on August 4, with the halfpipe finals takingplace on August 5. Evening entertainment includes the Gravis Open Sessionson 3 and 5 August featuring top New Zealand bands, King Kapisi, Kora,Sunshine Soundsystem and Shapeshifter as well as an Invitational QuarterpipeJam at Snow Park from 6pm on Friday 4 August with music by Downtown Brown.

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