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The Fall season is always extremely important to COMUNE.  Fall 2011 collection is a turning point for the brand as it marks our second year and celebrates the brand’s growth. Each season we continue to evolve and further define our identity.  New styles like the Domestic-made Lindon jean or Olsen jacket are welcome additions to our collection going  forward. Existing COMUNE staple pieces like the Howard woven, David Denim and Jude sweater are complimented and redefined with the Edwin trench and Winters pant. New men’s styles like the Medford woven and Maddox sweater continue to help the offering and are diversified enough for any climate or consumer.

For Fall 2011, we are proud to introduce new categories including Women’s, Domestic-made Denim and Devendra Banhart Drop City artist contribution:

For the Women’s category we have developed three bottom styles for our women’s program; a skinny, a trouser and a slouch. Each fit has its own definitive characteristics and is meant to be worn as a timeless piece. A focus on great fit with innovative fabrications supercedes niche trends that come and go. These bottoms are meant to be easy to wear, year-around, for the woman who has a strong sense of personal style and identity.

Domestic Made Denim
COMUNE has developed a domestically produced capsule collection. We feel it is every U.S. owned brand’s responsibility to make an effort in supporting our economy during these difficult times. Combining COMUNE’s attention to detail and price consciousness, with the superior quality and care of U.S. Made product, we offer a capsule collection you can be proud to wear knowing that you are keeping the wheels of our economy turning.

Devendra Banhart
Newest addition to COMUИE’s Drop City Contributor Program, COMUИE welcomes genre-bending psychedelic freak folk music artist, Devendra Banhart.  The LA-based singer songwriter is the embodiment of creativity leaving his indelible fingerprint on both sound and vision.  http://www.devendrabanhart.com/