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Coal Headwear Launches Fall/Winter 2016 Collection

Coal Headwear's Fall/Winter 2016 collection is now available in stores around the world and online. Comprised of both new styles and our favorite classics, you’ll find timeless artwork, unique color offerings, and increased comfort. We’re just doing our part to reconfirm the age-old adage that variety’s the spice of life.

Complementary to our knits, caps and hats is the Technical Collection. This innovative, performance focused category, contains both revamped styles and new pieces ready to protect you from the elements on your next adventure.

See the brand new collection here

About Coal Headwear: Since it's beginning in 2002, Coal has stayed true to its roots by continually supporting individuals who define the snowboarding lifestyle. Built upon the idea that headwear should be more than an accessory, Coal takes pride in being the first authentic headwear brand conceived, created, and carried out by snowboarders.

Coal Headwear Fall/Winter 2016 Lookbook