Coach’s Notes Nov. 19, 1998

Swedenby US Team Coach Peter Foley

We’re in Sweden, but it was no easy task getting here. After Kaprun wespent an afternoon in Zurich, Jacoby flew in the Vertical wind tunnel,Sondra and Jan drove go carts and the rest of us went to see amovie in English.

In the morning when we checked in for our flight,SwissAir, wanted to charge us $8000 for excess baggage. We tried every movewe could to get a break, but they wouldn’t do it so at the last second wesent the athletes to the plane. Cooper and Kyle went in to the baggage areaand grabbed enough of our gear to make weight, Jan and I gathered maps,directions, phone numbers, cell phones, cash credit cards, van keys etc, andset Kyle and Coop up to drive to Sweden while we ran to the plane.

Thirty hours later after driving straight through, our bags and Coop and Kyle are here. Training here has been incredible here. Great man made snow clear and cold,but not too cold. The Halfpipers arrived last night. The halfpipe is nice,steep enough that everyone’s going huge. It’s great to be all back togetheragain. Parallel GS on Friday, Parallel SL Saturday, Halfpipes Sunday and Monday.