So Taylor tell us a bit about your self……..
-Born in Edmonton, raised in Calgary and mostly Tsawwassen BC (where you
take the ferry to go to the island) I ve lived in Whistler for 5 years now and don’t
plan on permanently leaving for a while at least. I’ve always got lots on the go
between work, online school, hobbies and snowboarding. Sometimes I wear
myself a little thin trying to do too much at once, but I can’t handle not being busy!
I love animals, especially dogs and wish that i could have 1 or 2 or 3…ha! I love
being outdoors anywhere and anytime! Even in the rain, puddle jumping is on my
list of fav things to do, with rain boots or flip flops. I am currently taking my
personal training certificate online, pretty fun. Starting to teach a high-energy
cardio class at a local gym. I love to cook and create in the kitchen. I am
committed to stay fit and love staying active and going to the gym. I attend yoga,
as often as possible I need to seriously work on my flexibility and its just simply
good for the mind body and soul. I have amazing friends that are so awesome to
be around and are nothing but positive people in my life, I am very fortunate. I
have an extremely good-looking boyfriend who is so nice to me and puts up with
my bulls#it haha! I am super passionate about snowboarding, it is my adrenaline
rush and my form of meditation. When you snowboard you dont think about
anything else, you truly are in the moment. Thats deep right? But for real it is the
one thing that allows me to live in the moment easily!

Alright here is your 5 questions……

What do you get into in the winter?
-Snowboard, duh?! I like to travel as much as financially possible. Usually around
Canada and down to SLC to visit my boyfriend. Pretty good place to have a
boyfriend ….nice city and awesome snowboarding! To pay the bills I work at Earls
and Garfs bartending. I hope to be sledding more this season, just bought a
newer sled, SO EXCITED! I always try to film/photo as much as possible and I
keep it pretty mellow with regards to the whole dance party thing!

What is your favorite Cilla product?
-The June, it keeps me warm and comfy when its chilly and its stylish!

Boxers or Briefs?
-Saxx? “The provide contact-free comfort, support and great feel!” If I were a guy I
would rock those for sure! What better way to take care of your boys? I think?

Top 3 Snowboard influences?
-Devun Walsh, Annie Boulanger and Jeremy Jones

Would you rather be able to fly or never have to do laundry again?
-I would way rather fly, for sure! I enjoy doing laundry, how housewife is that of
me? I like cooking too…ha! I def have some home making skills up my sleeves!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next “5 Questions” with Marie France Roy