Chulksmack Giveaway Winner

After sifting through all your emails, we came up with a winner for the framed Chulksmack poster from Oakley. The poster is on its merry way to Tyler Stanton from Vienna Ohio.

Tyler’s definition:
Chulksmack(v)- The ability for a rider to completely tear the shit out of any rail, mountain, park, or pipe and/or that same ability for that rail, mountain, park, or pipe to do the same to the rider.

Example 1: “Dude, you totally Chulksmacked the park today!
Example 2: “Dude, that rail just hardcore chulksmacked your ass!

Well dude, congrats on the poster and big-ups to yourself. thanks to Oakley for providing the goods, and thanks to everyone for chiming in.