Above, Chloe Kim’s gold medal run from halfpipe finals.

In other news, Chloe Kim had a normal Chloe Kim day today at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. Leading the pack with a 95.50 score, over 8 points higher than her closer competitor, Chloe safely qualified first ahead of the women’s halfpipe final set to start Monday, Feb 12, at 8:00pm ET.

Kelly Clark qualifying on her last run. PHOTO: Mark Clavin

All four U.S. team riders qualified, keeping the hope of an American sweep alive for many. Maddie Mastro qualified in a solid 5th position while Kelly Clark and Arielle Gold just made the cutoff mark in the 11th and 12th slots. Just because an American sweep is possible does not mean it will happen. Spain’s Queral Castellet is coming off a big recent win at the U.S. Grand in Aspen Snowmass and Japan’s Haruna Matsumoto had a strong showing today in qualifiers. Check out the full list below, and check back soon for the medal coverage right here on TransWorld SNOWboarding!

1. Chloe Kim
2. Jiayu Liu
3. Haruna Matsumoto
4. MAddie Mastro
5. Queralt CAstellet
6. Xuetong Cai
7. Sena Tomita
8. Emily Arthur
9. Sophie Rodriguez
10. Mirabelle Thovex
11. Kelly Clark
12. Arielle Gold

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