Most kids can’t wait for summer so they can be done with school, hit the beach and wreak havoc. Chill’s kids can’t wait for summer so they can…go snowboarding?

Once again, Chill has teamed up with Ken Achenbach, the Camp of Champions, and the Coast Whistler Hotel to bring seventeen Chill kids from around North America to Whistler, British Columbia for an eight-day snowboarding camp like no other. For most of these kids, just leaving their neighborhoods and going to the mountains this past winter was a foreign experience. Now given the opportunity to travel to another country, fly on a plane, go to summer camp and continue to snowboard will expand on that experience and open even more doors.

From June 15th-22nd each kid will have the opportunity to learn everything freestyle snowboarding has to offer: jumps, rails, funboxes, halfpipe, etc. Couple that with amazing coaches and a staff that’s there to make sure each kid progresses and learns what they want and you’ve got an unforgettable summer vacation at the largest resort in North America.

Not only will the chosen Chill kids ride an amazing park but will also go wakeboarding, play paintball, mountain bike, zip line off a bluff and rock climb. To top it off, Chill has some special events planned just for their crew which will give everyone the opportunity to bond, cheer each other on and find inspiration and role models within people who snowboard for a living.

At Chill we strive to learn from the past in order to make the program even better. This summer not only have we increased the number of kids attending by 6 but we’ve also created a new program called the Chill Ambassador Program. Devised by Ken Achenbach, the owner of Camp of Champions, the Chill Ambassador Program allows a Chill camper from the previous year the opportunity to come back to camp, experience all it has to offer, and act as a peer leader for the new campers.

This summer Chill is proud to bring back two amazing kids as Chill ambassadors:

Laura Rowley: Laura participated in the Toronto Chill program originally in 2005 before being offered the chance to attend camp last summer. In 2006 she volunteered her time to help others learn how to snowboard through Chill and attended all six weeks of the program. In addition, Laura worked with Chill staff at the Toronto Ski, Snowboard and Travel Show running the Chill tent. Originally only scheduled to help out for 4 hours, she put in over 24 during the course of the weekend. Chill is proud to invite Laura back to camp.

AJ Miller: AJ took great personal leaps and bounds last year and for that he was invited back as a Chill Ambassador. Not only did he volunteer every week with Seattle Chill but he also improved his school grades, got a job, bought his own season’s pass and quit smoking. This next fall he will be the first sibling in his family to graduate high school and we couldn’t think of a better graduation present then bringing him back to Whistler.