Child Support

Defective Films has teamed up with StepChild Snowboards and Nomis Design to produce a StepChild / Nomis team movie titled “CHILD SUPPORT.Defective Films’ was working on its third video, Hopeless Perfection and started capturing all the footage of the StepChild and Nomis riders into the computer. “We couldn’t believe how much footage we had said Sean Johnson. “We should just do a StepChild/Nomis movie”. It went from us joking about it to us saying, “I really think we can do this. said Sean Johnson Founder of Defective Films and Stepchild Snowboards.

Defective Films already has a full season’s worth of filming in the can with a full season ahead of them. “I get to work with the people I want to work with and doing a team video is what I have always wanted to do with StepChild. Nomis has a lot of the same values and it was a really good fit for us, ” the Nomis relationship brings a lot to what we are doing. says Sean Johnson.

Child Support is deep into the second season of filming seeking to make a more dynamic film that stays away from the traditional formats of other movies. Lighten up, have some fun and mellow out on the art and coffee! Unfortunately for some, Child Support will not feature any gangsters, sensitive artists or dirty Hessians.

We are not trying to sell movies or snowboards with lifestyle costumes. We are trying to sell snowboarding with snowboarding-what a strange and unique concept. “CHILD SUPPORT” will be available in September 2007. It will be sold in snowboard shops that sell snowboards.

“CHILD SUPPORT will feature the riding of::

StepChild Team Riders: Simon Chamberlain, Fredu Sirvio, Stian Solberg, Markku Koski, Joe Sexton, Scott Vine, Chris Wimbles, Terry Kidwell, and Mike Ranquet

Nomis Team Riders: Simon Chamberlain, Joe Sexton, Lauri Heiskari, Mark Sollars, Jed Anderson, Derek Denison, and Scott Cartright.

We are all at SIA , see you there to get a copy of our Teaser!!