Check Out Stian Solberg

Age: 20
Hometown: Bergen, Norway
Local Mountain: Geilo, Norway
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 148 pounds
Stance: Regular. Twelve degrees front, negative-six rear, and 23.5 inches wide.
Hook-ups: Stepchild, ThirtyTwo, etnies, Planet Earth, Dragon, Union, Defcon, Active
Results: N/A
Film: Hopeless Perfection/Defective Films
1. Wille Yli-Luoma
2. Romain De Marchi
3. J.P. Solberg

TWS: This was your first year working on a film project.
Yeah, it was a lot of fun, although unfortunate events took place wherever we went. In Whistler, my buddy Knut and I borrowed Sean Johnson and Simon Chamberlain’s sled. We accidentally ran it off our jump after a full-day build-it slammed into a tree at 60. I guess the throttle stuck.
We headed to Tahoe a while later, and Johnson flipped Simon’s brand-new truck towing a new sled on black ice!
Then when we went to Bear Mountain, one of the snowmobile’s they lent us caught on fire. So there was definitely a lot of stuff going down.

How was your first experience in Whistler?
It wasn’t sunny once for over two weeks, but we went into the interior and rode a lot of powder-it was sick. I stayed for a month.

And the ThirtyTwo trip to Chile?
It was such a cool experience. I’ve never been to Chile, so it was really fun. Their national drink, pisco, is crazy, though-only in Chile! We didn’t ride much powder, but we had sunny days from when we landed ’til we left. The sunsets are amazing, and we got some sick evening-session shots.

Your brother JP is a pretty famous Burton pro. What’s that like?
Everybody asks me that-it’s weird, ’cause I don’t see him as the person everybody else sees him as. But, for sure, he’s helped me get to know people and opened up doors I couldn’t even imagine-I’m super thankful.

Do you guys shred together much?
No. The only time we get to ride together is during Christmas when the whole family’s together in the mountains. We hit the aprà¤s ski as soon as the lifts close-it’s the best.

How did you hook up with Stepchild?
When I signed with Infamous Management, I didn’t have a board sponsor ’cause I’d just gotten off Burton. I asked Sean Kearns about Stepchild and he hooked it up-he and Johnson go way back from the Whiskey movies and stuff.