Check Out Marco Feichtner

Name: Marco Feichtner
Age: 23
Hometown: St. Gallenkirch, Austria
Local Mountain: Silvretta Nova, Austria
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 141
Stance: Goofy. Twelve degrees front, negative-twelve rear and 22.75 wide.
Hook-ups: Ride, 686, Spy, Deeluxe, Union, Level, Reef, Silvretta
Nova, Sajas,
Results: N/A
Film: Lubedence, Boardbagged/Pirate Movie Production
1. Gigi Rà...f
2. Lukas Goller
3. Tadej Valentan

TWS: We hear you’re a pure backcountry rider.
Yeah, I’m a 101-percent backcountry, dog! When I started riding, the snowboard scene wasn’t that big in my home valley … Silvretta Nova just got a park a few years ago, and I still don’t go there too often. I’m not dissing park, I just have so much more fun in the backcountry.

How did you learn back 720 nosegrabers over huge road gaps then?
I just tried those tricks on easy jumps first and took steps from there until I was hitting the bigger stuff-I have to be having a good day to try that (laughs).

Who is your posse?
Most of time I go riding with The Pirates-Gigi Rà...f, Tadej Valentan, and Lukas Goller to name a few. When I’m home, I board with the friends I grew up with.

Whose style of riding do you admire?
I like Gigi’s backcountry riding a lot-and Travis Rice, for the power he puts into his tricks.