Check Out: Jacqui Berg

Name: Jacqui Berg

Age: 24

Hometown: Anacortes, Washington

Local Mountain: Mammoth Mountain

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 135 pounds

Stance: Regular. Twenty-one degrees front, negative-three rear, and 23 inches wide.

Hook-ups: Option, DC, Dragon, Elm, Flux, Active, Eesa

Results: N/A

Film: Ro Sham Bo/Misschief Films


1. Leanne Pelosi

2. Tara Dakides

3. Natasza Zurek

Are you stayin’ out of trouble?

Ah ha, yes, except one incident involving Spencer, Leanne, and an angry, overweight bouncer!

Last trick you learned?

Backside handplant.

What’s so great about Mammoth?

Mammoth has one of the best parks-and you can’t beat all the California sunshine.

But you’re from Washington. Why aren’t you shredding

Mt. Baker?

I grew up riding Snoqualmie Pass and Baker-I moved to Mammoth to get better at park. I actually just moved back to Washington, now that I’m spending more time in the backcountry.

Where and what will you be doing in five years?

Rally racing in France while improving my international cooking skills.

“Live fast and die young” or “old and gray, fade


Live fast, die old-“safety never takes a vacation.”

If you weren’t snowboarding you’d be …

Pursuing my art career.