After placing second at the 2014 Red Bull Double Pipe and first today, Chase Josey has proven that twin transitions are his event.

The nineteen-year-old Hailey, Idaho native hasn't yet stood on a podium at the big three US pipe events--Dew Tour, X Games, and the Burton US Open--and his next biggest pipe placement before today was a win at the 2014 US Open qualifiers in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania. But on his first run at the Double Pipe 2015, he set the bar for the rest of the seven riders in finals with a Cab 900 off the jump into a Michalchuk over the channel gap, frontside double cork 1080, switch straight-air over the 22-foot spine, alley-oop switch backside 720, backside 360 over the 18-foot spine, crippler over the wallride to frontside 720 over the volcano. Earning an 85, he tried to better his score on his next two runs, throwing a double Michalchuk over the channel gap but got off his line on a backside 540 over the lower spine and then fell on a frontside double cork on his final run.

Chase Josey’s Interview Winning Run Interview

Despite the heated efforts of Ben and Gabe Ferguson to best Josey's score, the 85 stood for the rest of the event. Ben Ferguson just doesn't hold back in his riding and his first run would have easily challenged Josey's score, had he landed. Boosting on every hit, his run looked promising to take the top spot with a frontside 1080 over the jump, half-Cab through the channel to Cab double cork 1080, backside 360 over the 22-foot spine, double crippler to huge backside 180 to pile into the flat bottom. Unable to ever complete a full line, he fell again on the final trick of his second run, coming up short on a frontside 360 over the spine, and then washed out on his frontside 1080 over the jump on his final run.

Gabe Ferguson faired better, finishing forth with a second run that included a double Wildcat on the jump, backside 360 over the 22-foot spine, frontside 360 over the 18-foot spine, and a backside 540 on the volcano.

Stale Sandbech, on other hand, showed that he's truly an all-terrain machine finishing second with a run that featured a backside 1080 on the jump, frontside lipslide on the shotgun rail that lined the start of the spine, double crippler, and massive backside 360 off the spine in the transition on the opposite side of the volcano.

Stale Sandbech’s Interview

Australian Scotty James slid into the third spot with a first run score of 76.20 that held up against likes of Arthur Longo, Benji Farrow, and Jan Scherrer. To earn that spot, James dropped a few hammers including a backside 1080 on the jump, a huge Cab double cork 1080 over the channel gap to alley-oop backside 540 nose grab, and backside 360 over the spine.

Scotty James’s Interview

Watch the full replay of the Double Pipe here

Red Bull Double Pipe 2015 Final Results

1. Chase Josey, 85.00
2. Stale Sandbech, 80.40
3. Scotty James, 76.20
4. Gabe Ferguson, 73.20
5. Benji Farrow, 70.60
6. Jan Scherrer, 65.60
7. Ben Ferguson, 56. 20
8. Arthur Longo, 49.20

That's not it for the Double Pipe though. Stay tuned for the doubles event where riders pair up to see who can get the best tandem lines, coming Saturday.