Celtek Ships 05/06 Product Worldwide

Salt Lake City, Utah--Last week, the Celtek staff finished shipping out the latest Celtek gloves and accessories for the 2005-2006 season to snowboard shops around the world.

The full line features 10 unique styles, including everything from pipe to winter, gloves to mitts, all made with top-quality materials. Some of the hottest gloves in the line include: The BJL, a Bjorn Leines signature glove that features a padded palm and hidden pocket. The Mule, a 100% leather glove with a unique side-zip entrance and wrap-around cuff closure. And, of course the Clan III, which is the next evolution in Celtek’s most popular glove, originally released in 2003.

The gloves and accessories can be found in the US, Japan, South Korea, and online. Check your local shop for the latest Celtek product, and if you don’t find it, be sure to let the shop guys know you want to see it there!

Celtek is owned and operated by Bjorn & Erik Leines, who are driven to provide innovative, quality products and to push the sport to the next level. The Celtek team is made up of a wide range of talented pro’s, including:

JJ Thomas
Mikey LeBlanc
Micah McGinnity
Justin Bennee
Zac Marben
Joel Mahaffey
Forrest Shearer
Erik Christensen
Chris Brown
Aaron Bittner
Mark Edlund
Eero Niemla