Celsius Team Update

Chris Dufficy will be a welcomed addition to the already solid team of Micah Mcginnity, Jon Kooley, and Jordan Mendenhall. “All of our riders are on Celsius because they want to be involved in the development of the product and the brand they represent. Commented Jason Kimball, Celsius team manager, “Dufficy is no different; he can see the brands potential and is really stoked to be a part of the growth of Celsius.

Celsius has spent the last 2 months testing their products and finalizing their samples for the 05/06 season. “We ask if something can be changed on a boot and three weeks later we get a new boot and the changes have been made, remarked Jon Kooley. “It’s really weird. Celsius has been utilizing team input on all aspects of the brand, from rider’s ads to t-shirt design. “They aren’t just representing Celsius, they are an important element of the company, said Will Talbott, Celsius’ sales and brand manager, “I wouldn’t expect them to back a product that they weren’t 100% stoked on.

Jason Kimball, who has slowly been building the Celsius Pro team for the past 6 months remarked. “We weren’t in any rush to throw together a random team… This is such a tight crew of riders; I am really stoked to be working with all of them. Celsius and Kimball will now be building its Am and Rookie team over the next 3 months. If you are interested in becoming an Am or Rookie rider you can contact Celsius at team@celsiusSnow.com .

Celsius is also currently looking for riders to create their own snowboard video and submit them to their; “I Want Free Boots Dammit!! Snowboard Video Contest. For more information about the contest e-mail Celsius at info@celsiusSnow.com .

Celsius Snowboard Footwear is dedicated to developing the most comfortable boots on the market. Celsius is working closely with some of the industry’s top designers, riders, shops, and reps to bring consumers the best possible product. For more information about Celsius and our growing team go to www.celsiusSnow.com , or you can e-mail us at info@celsiusSnow.com. Celsius Snowboard Footwear, Power. Control. Design. Oh yeah, welcome to the team Chris!