Celsius Snowboard Footwear Team Announced

Aug 11, 2004 San Diego, CA: Celsius Snowboard Footwear is pleased to announce the signing of Jon Kooley, Micah McGinnity, and Jordan Mendanhall to its 2004/2005 team. In addition to Jon, Micah, and Jordan, Celsius has hired Jason Kimball to act as team manger. Jason will be working closely with the team on boot development and creating a strong image for the brand. “All three of these guys are stoked to be a part of Celsius, commented Jason. “Celsius really wanted to work with riders that wanted to be part of the design process. These are the guys that are using the product day in and day out; they will know it better than anyone. Celsius has also recruited Ian Kirk, the Okemo Mountain School head coach, from New Hampshire to work with Jason on developing a solid east coast presence on the team.

Jon Kooley, an Alaska native, resides in Salt Lake City, Utah. Jon spent all of last winter in front of Kidsknow’s cameras filming Mikey Leblanc’s new movie “Love/Hate. His current sponsors are K2, IS Design, Holden, Clive, Level, Coal, and Milo Sport of Utah. Check out the “Love/Hate teaser at www.lovehatemovie.com.

Micah McGinnity is a Minnesota native who calls Salt Lake his home in the winter. Along with Celsius, Micah also is supported by Academy, Spy, Volcom, Clive, Celtek, and Cal Surf of Minneapolis. You can check out Micah in Mack Dawg’s new production “Chulksmack. Go to www.mackdawgproductions.com, for more information and to check out the teaser.

Jordan Mendanhall, rounds out the team, coming to Celsius with a pro model board from Option. His other sponsors include NFA, Dragon, and Milo Sport. Jordan has been a heavy hitter in the industry for a number of years. Tired of dealing with the usual corporate politics of being a pro rider, Jordan, along with the other guys on the team, are refreshed by Celsius’s rider focused philosophy. He is also a member of the Kidsknow crew and will also be featured in Love/Hate.

Celsius Snowboard Footwear is dedicated to developing the most comfortable boots on the market. Celsius is working closely with some of the industry’s top designers, riders, shops, and reps to bring consumers the best possible product. For more information about Celsius and our growing team go to www.celsiusSnow.com, or you can e-mail us at info@celsiusSnow.com. Celsius Snowboard Footwear, Power. Control. Design.