Celsius ” I Want Free Boots !! Video Contest

Celsius Snowboard Footwear is pleased to announce our second annual “I Want Free Boots!! video contest. Yes were at it again, and this time we’re ready. We received the gnarliest personal shred flicks last year from all over the planet and were blown away with the amount of blood, sweat and tears that went into these epic films that we just had to do it again. But this time we wanted to make it bigger and better with more prizes and a lot more fun.

So you think your good, well prove it!! We want to see pow shots, urban rail shots, boxes, bomb drops, backcountry booters, step downs, step ups, pipe shots, skate shots, 270s, 450s, 1260s…a bit of everything. Hey we love snowboarding as much as you do and as long as you make it a real shred flick with sick riding, killer music, and editing that would blow away Spielberg, you might just be exactly what we’re looking for.

All right, here’s the deal. Put it together on DVD or VHS add all your best shots, the intro, the slams, the music, the credits so we know who you are and send it in. All videos must be received by April 30th 2006, so get a move on. And please keep it around 1-2 minutes or it will not be watched; sorry we have a ton to watch and we have videos to make too. As soon as we receive all the entries, Jon Kooley, Micah McGinnity, Chris Dufficy, Jordan Mendenhall, and the rest of the crew here at Celsius, will go through all the tapes and determine a winner!

The Grand Prize video will receive the newest goods from all of our sponsors. We got a grip of the newest goods from Celsius, Sessions, Level, IS design, DVS, Amped 3, Ogio, Kicker, Transworld, and APO snowboards just sitting here waiting for you to get off the couch and show us what you made of. So get on the hill and keep those cameras rolling.

On top of all that, every rider who appears on your video will be up for review to join the Celsius Snowboard Footwear team. So who knows what might happen. This could be your big break!!

Rules and Regulations!!

We don’t want anything that your momma couldn’t watch so lay off the self-mutilation and anything of that nature. Any video that even resembles this type of behavior, will be banned from the contest so don’t even bother. No drug use, drinking, sex, or nudity, if that’s your deal than keep it to yourself. This video has to be suitable to be shown on our website for the world to see. Shop vids are okay. Just keep in mind if we see it has a budget we will take off points.

All videos and footage entered in the “I Want Free Boots contest will become property of Celsius Snowboard Footwear Co. We will be free to do what we like with your video. You will not get your video back so don’t send us the only copy!! Celsius reserves the right to edit your video for content. Keep it clean; don’t kill yourself and most importantly HAVE FUN!!

For more information about “I Want Free Boots video contest go to www.celsiusSnow.com or email us at info@celsiusSnow.com. Contact your local board shop for posters and more information. Contest has already started so get a move on.

Please email us for more info on how to enter and official rules and regulations.