Celsius “I Want Free Boots!!” Snowboard video contest.

Celsius Snowboard Footwear Co. is pleased to announce our 1st annual “I Want Free Boots Dammit!” A Snowboard Video Contest. Celsius and all of our additional sponsors understand two things: 1. Snowboarding is fun! 2. It’s damn expensive! With that in mind, Celsius wants to help ease your pain with our 1st annual “I Want Free Boots Dammit!” A Snowboard Video Contest. Getting involved is easy, but it will take a little effort and creative energy on your part to win.

Celsius wants to see you and your posse’s snowboard talents. Yes, we said it, we are actually asking you to send us your sponsor me tape, snowboard footage of you and your crew riding, or any footage just as long as you make it yourselves and it involves snowboarding. We might be getting in over our heads but hey, we love snowboarding as much as you do! So get us footy of those late night rail sessions, that epic powder day, one hit wonder pipe shots, or simply hiking a kicker that you got dialed. If you can skate, even better get that in their too. We want to see it all.

Here’s what you need to do. Get us mad footy of you and your crew riding. But don’t just send us raw footage, get a killer soundtrack, create an intro, and add some credits. Make us a real snowboard movie. You have all season to film, so throw down. Don’t forget the bail section and other staples of a great snowboard flick. Then send it to Celsius by April 30th, 2005. There is no specified length so make it as long or as short as you want. If it’s longer then an hour we probably will just shut it off, so don’t make a mini series.

From the piles of videos we receive, a panel of industry heads, team riders, and our friends will select three of the best and host them on our website. From those three we will have an online poll, so you guys can pick the grand prize winner. So get those cameras rolling, fire up your editing gear, and make us a movie.

The grand prize video crew will receive enough gear cover three people from head to toe in the newest snowboard gear from Celsius and our sponsors, including boards, boots, bindings, eyewear, outerwear, bags, and gloves. Transworld is also kicking down some mag subscriptions and a copy of each movie they are associated with. The winning production team will also receive a box of swag from all these companies. Estimated total cash value is over 4,000 dollars!!

On top of it all, every rider who appears on your video will be up for review to join the Celsius Snowboard Footwear team. So who knows what might happen. This could be your big break!!!

Rules and Regulations!!!

NO JACKASS CRAP! We want snowboarding not self mutilation. Any video that even resembles that genre will be banned from the contest, so don’t even bother. No drug use, drinking, sex, or nudity, if that’s your deal, keep it to yourself. This video has to be suitable for all ages to view. Shop videos are okay; just keep in mind if we see it has a budget we will take off points.

All videos and footage entered in the “I Want Free Boots Dammit!!” contest will become property of Celsius Snowboard Footwear Co. We will be free to do what we like with your video. You will not get your video back so don’t send us the only copy!! Celsius reserves the right to edit your video for content. Keep it clean; don’t kill yourself and most importantly HAVE FUN!

For more information about “I Want Free Boots Dammit!!” go to www.celsiusSnow.com or email us at info@celsiusSnow.com. Contact your local board shop for posters and more information. Contest officially starts Nov, 30th 2004. Please e-mail us for more information on how to enter and official rules and regulations.

A very special thanks goes out to all of our additional sponsors, www.academysnowboards.com, www.technine.com, www.sessions.com, www.levelgloves.com, www.dragonoptical.com, www.adiofootwear.com, www.clivebags.com, www.wildcats.ca, www.neffheadwear.com, and www.twsnow.com.