Celsius “I Want Free Boots Damnit Contest Wrap Up

Well after countless hours of watching way too many videos, the Celsius Snowboard Footwear family has finally chosen a winner, or should I say Weiner! Hailing from Mission Viejo, California 16 yr old Eli Weiner did it with his little video he calls “The Life. It had solid snowboarding in it with good editing and song selection, plus it was entertaining to watch and had a sick skating section to top it off. I think that throwing the skating in there made everyone happy after watching so much snowboarding! Nice work kid! There was really a lot of good riding, editing, and other random crap and we thank everyone who took the time to make a video and send it in to us. Keep it up and keep on shredding. We received videos from all over the world, some worked, some did not! But overall it was good to see so many people out riding with their friends and having some fun. The only advice we can give you, is lay off the metal sometimes and go ride some pow! It’s good for you!

Originally we were going to post the top 3 videos on the new website and let you guys pick the winner, but we all decided to just do it for you! That way Eli and his homies will be getting setup in time for the snow.

A very special thanks goes out to all of our additional sponsors,


Details on the 2nd annual “I want free boots damnit Contest! Coming soon to the new website, zip on over to www.celsiusSnow.com and peep the new site!

Thanks and peace.