Cascade Mountain’s Super Jib

We’ve been doing a little research here at TransWorld, and we’ve discovered the world’s longest “S rail. Imagine busting an 80-foot “S rail: the control, the balance, the teeth you might loose … the free season pass. Yes, you read right; Cascade Mountain Resort in Portage, Wisconsin is giving away a free season pass if you can do the entire rail and catch it on video. Then take the footage into the main office and pick up a free pass. It’s that easy, or is it?

So far only one guy has grilled this super jib— a damn skier. His name is David Lesh, and after just fifteen tries he got it with true finesse. We asked Cascade’s Marketing and Event Coordinator Lori Haumschild how Lesh did it. She told us “He just kept trying, and eventually he greased it. He’s still the only one to ever complete the entire rail.

Will somebody please step up? No nuts no glory, right? Cascade Mountain is dying to giveout more passes. Even if there’s no chance in hell of sticking the entire “S rail, get over to Cascade and check out the resort’s four terrain parks, Superpipe, and Halfpipe.

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