Carinthia Parks presents Girls Day Out, women's only freestyle clinic
Forget the make-up and heels; this is a Girls Day Out, Carinthia style!
Carinthia Parks would like to invite all female snowboarders to the number one park on the East Coast for their first ever, girls only park clinic on March 13th.  Come out and get acquainted with your first flat box, make friends with jumps, and get to know some handrails a little bit better.  Bring along all your best gal pals, amigas, sisters, and girlfriends for a fun day of training from top female riders and coaches. Leave the boys at home, this event is GIRLS ONLY!
Girls Day Out is for beginner and intermediate park riders, aged 12 and up.  So, if you are carving on blue trails or already have some park experience, this event is for you!  Now's your chance to learn some new moves in a supportive, no-pressure environment while meeting other girls who love snowboarding. Shopping and boyfriends can wait; don't miss out on all the fun at Carinthia's Girls' Day Out!
Space is limited so please reserve your spot by sending an email by March 9th to along with your name, age, riding ability, and phone number.
Price: $20 per person plus lift ticket/season pass holder
Snowboarding Ability Levels
Beginner: I am comfortable with free riding green and blue trails. I have never been in the park before. I want to learn how to ride switch. I want to learn how to ollie, and spin 180's and 360's on flat ground. I want to learn how to hit small jumps and flat boxes.
Advanced Beginner: I am learning to ollie and spin on flat ground.  I am learning to ride switch. I have been in the park before. I have tried small jumps and boxes.  I want to get better at hitting small jumps and learn board slides on boxes.
Intermediate: I know how to ollie and spin on flat ground.  I am learning to ride switch. I am comfortable with small park features and want to try bigger features.  I want to learn spins on small jumps, straight airs/grabs on medium jumps, and spinning on boxes.
Advanced Intermediate: I know how to ollie and spin on flat ground.  I am decent at riding switch.  I can backside/frontside board slide on boxes.  I want to learn to hit rails and other jibs.  I am comfortable with straight airing on medium jumps and want to get better at spinning on jumps.
8:30 AM Registration, Carinthia Base Lodge 2nd Floor – $20 per person
9:00 AM Meet outside on the Carinthia deck and break into clinic groups
12:00 PM Lunch Break (not included in event fee)
1:30 PM Afternoon Contests
3:00 PM Wrap Up, Prizes on the deck outside Carinthia Lodge
4:00 PM After party with a screening of the all girls snowboarding movie, "Let's Make Better Mistake Tomorrow" at the Snow Barn