CAPiTA Snowboarding Company Hosts Seattle Shred Extravaganza

SEATTLE, WA (September 21, 2004)

The CAPiTA snowboarding company’s recent campaign to sell extreme sports products by any means necessary gained notable momentum today as word spread about their controversial special events and the upcoming “Seattle Shred Extravaganza"¢.

“This is not a stinking snowboard movie premiere. Said Rod Tucker. “They like already had that in California or some place anyway. This is totally not the same, cause… it’s different, and…cause… this is not California.

Key Partnerships have been paramount in the organization of such a coup, and the relationships formed with Robotfood, Kids Know, and Gnar Core productions are the backbone of this event. Other noteworthy partnerships include the legendary rock poster artist Justin Hampton, Portland based artist and professional snowboarder Corey Smith, and the Rock and Roll of Salt Lake City’s “FORM OF ROCKET.

The “Seattle Shred Extravaganza"¢ will be held this FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 24TH at NEUMOS (925 E. PIKE, CAPITOL HILL, SEATTLE) and will feature two showings. The first will be ALL AGES at 6pm with three movies including GNAR CORE — “SHOOT THE ONES YOU LOVE, KIDS KNOW — “LOVE / HATE, ROBOTFOOD — “AFTERLAME and an autograph signing with known professional athletes BOBBY MEEKS, LOUIE FOUNTAIN, TJ SCHNEIDER, COREY SMITH, RYAN THOMPSON, TRAVIS PARKER, CHARLIE MORACE, SCOTTY ARNOLD, JUSTIN HEBBEL, DARRELL MATHES, MITCH NELSON, AND JON KOOLEY.

For those age twenty one and over there will be a second show at 10pm featuring the Seattle art opening of COREY SMITH’S ‘NICE LIFE’, two movies including ROBOTFOOD — “AFTERLAME, KIDS KNOW — “LOVE / HATE and a live performance by “FORM OF ROCKET.

“I’m so excited,’ said Tina Dawson. “It’s like I’m going to a birthday party. It’s not mine, but still… odds are, someone’ll jump out of a cake, and everyone’s gonna get messy.

CAPiTA Snowboarding is based on the fishing docks of Seattle, Washington, distributed by C3-worldwide in North America, A4 in Europe, and is proud to be associated with filmmakers Robotfood, Kid’s Know, and Gnar Core for the Seattle presentation of their wonderful films.