For the 2011-2012 snowboarding season, Cannonsburg has partnered up with Banshee Bungee to announce the first ever Midwest Banshee Bungee park.
Banshee Bungee, famous for their invention of a rubber/latex bungee to ac- commodate urban/street riding, has never put one of their unique parks in any Mid- west Ski/Snowboard area, until this year.
The park will feature a central "launching post" with features on either side, as well as directly in front of the launching post to give riders maximum options. The goal of such a park is to put riders in an environment where they can both grow ac- customed to the unique feel and operation of the bungee, but to also establish a greater comfort with urban riding.
Banshee Bungee has also sponsored a feature at Cannonsburg: a long but slender box featuring Banshee Bungee and Cannonsburg branding.
The Banshee Bungee park will be a truly unique feature not only to Cannons- burg, but to the Midwest as a whole. We look forward to seeing the development of urban riding skills from those who utilize the park.