Canada’s New Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is a Snowboarder

Canadian Pros Weigh in on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau is Canada's new liberal prime minister elected on Monday, and get this, he's a bona fide boarder.

Trudeau, 43, worked as an instructor in Whistler in the mid-1990s while attending the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver. He would rally up to mountains on the weekends and spent time lapping lines in Whistler's backcountry and also coached teens in a program called the Ride Tribe, according to

Justin Trudeau is Canada's newest Prime Minster

Justin Trudeau in Whistler. Photo via Scott Birk’s Facebook

Trudeau would crash on his buddy Sean Smillie's couch, and was even rumored to live in and out of a van just so he could have easy access to the mountains.

“Justin’s enthusiasm [for politics] pretty much matched his enthusiasm for being in the mountains, snowboarding, and hanging out with friends,” said Sean Smillie.

Monday's election was crucial for Canada, as the current policies and prime minister, Steven Harper, who has oft been equated to the Canadian version of Donald Trump, were losing favor with many after three terms in office. Harper was also a contender for his fourth term, so to help stimulate a change, many Canadian pros voiced their concerns and urged people to vote.


Justin Trudeau in Whistler. Photo via Justin Trudeau’s Facebook

"The snowsports community and our environment has the most to lose from this election," said Ian McIntosh, TGR Athlete, in a piece he wrote for

"If we stay on our current course, we will not see the change we desperately need. The climate is changing and winters are becoming more unpredictable with far less snow than even a few years ago. Our glaciers are melting at an alarming rate and our very way of life in Canada and the snowsports community is being threatened. We cannot afford to wait any longer. We need a drastic shift toward renewable energy and we need it now," McIntosh continued.


Leanne Pelosi made a poster to promote voting.

Leanne Pelosi was another rider who was vocal about this election. "I think Canada as a whole wants to be regarded as a country that does great things in this world, whether it’s the environment, international relations or the economy… with our last prime minister, our core values were being disrupted, and we were not ok with that," she said.

"I'm hoping that Trudeau starts working on reinstating all the laws to protect the environment that Harper took away. It feels so good that Canada came together yesterday, I think we are going in a positive direction for the future," she continued.

Leanne also looped us in on the video above, and said, "As a snowboarder, I think [Trudeau] has his priorities right… on a Whistler chairlift!"

Justin Trudeau

Trudeau sporting the old school style.

Fellow Canadian pro Robin Van Gyn also gave us her perspective on Trudeau, who likes to refer to the prime minister as “JT.”

"The most important part of JT being elected is that we, as a country, have come together to say we want change," said Robin.

"The sweep in the election clearly showed that, and I am proud of Canada for making the effort begin a new era. The previous government has done a lot of damage and, at the least, we have put a stop to furthering that. JT has a lot of work to do in order bring Canada back to a place we can use as a baseline to move forward from. Secondly, be aware that for a lot of us voting Liberal was a strategic vote to get our previous government out and not necessarily where we side politically. The Liberals could be a lot stronger when it comes to climate and environmental issues. However, JT is listening and I think if we make ourselves heard, he is going to have to listen at some level. I have faith that he will take note and do what Canadians ask, whether it's Liberal or not. The future is brighter, but there is a lot of work to do.”

"I also like that [Tradeau] is younger. To me this is important because he may have a better grasp on what [our] generation is doing, where they are going, and what they care about. It's easier to think ahead when you can understand better where the future is going. Oh, and he’s HOT," Robin concluded.

Congrats to Canada for banding together and stimulating this change. Now bring on the snow!

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