The Chinese Downhill—snowboarding’s original anti-event—is almost as old as shredding itself. But why are downhills “Chinese?”

The origin of the Chinese Downhill can be traced back to the 1984 blockbuster movie, Hot Dog. Along with the concept and format of the event, the ski-cult film introduced the famous quote that started the first-annual Westbeach Chinese Downhill in mid February.

“The only rules are, there are no rules,” said Westbeach GM Jon Cartwright of the 1st Annual Westbeach Chinese Downhill on February 15, 2008. Approximately 40 riders gathered at the top of Million Dollar Ridge, donned bandanas, and whizzed down the mountain in a hell-bent effort to reach the bottom.

A harrowing and powder-covered 4,978 vertical feet later, it came down to a chugging contest, with “Creekside King” Shin Campos narrowly beating out the legendary Kevin Sansalone, and two relative unknowns for the 500-dollar first-place check—winner takes all, of course.

The Chinese Downhill builds on the legacy of a nearly forgotten Whistler tradition, all part of Westbeach’s plan to keep snowboarding community-oriented, and, well, rad. Stay tuned for more antics in the near future.

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