Sussex, NJ (Dec. 29, 2009) ­ Who better to cover an edgy urban snow culture
event in New Jersey than creative tech savvy teens from the Bronx? Students
from the nonprofit inner-city youth organization, CampInteractive will be on
hand at a renowned 3rd Rail Jam event where they will take in the experience
and then document it via social media and video.

CampInteractive is a not-for-profit organization that empowers youth through
the inspiration of the outdoors and the creative power of technology. This
is their fifth season providing snowboarding opportunities to New York City
teens as part of their intensive year round adventure education program that
combines confidence boosting outdoor trips with photography, video, web site
building and academic support.

For Timmy Grins, of 3rd Rail Jam, the collaboration with CampInteractive
makes perfect sense.

We’ve had our eye on this organization for a couple of years, he explains.
The kids are essentially creating movable media; interviewing the riders,
posting to social media sites and then producing videos on 3rd Rail Jam. The
fact that these kids are from the Bronx ­ the birthplace of hip hop ­ makes
the connection even stronger with the 3rd Rail Jam event.

Uniting some of the nation’s best amateur skiers and riders with the
authentic, all elements brand of the hip hop culture, the renowned 3rd Rail
Jam is making the rounds again for 2010. Expanding the urban edge to five
resorts across the nation, 3rd Rail will showcase some of the best in snow
sports with a series of winner-takes all rail jams, slopeside graffiti art,
MC battles, hip hop music and live performances by Grammy-nominated
British-American rapper Slick Rick.

While over a dozen CampInteractive students will be attending the New Jersey
event, four top teens will be equipped with digital SLR cameras and Flip
video cameras. CampInteractive student Daniel Kogel, 18, is one of the teens
who will document the competition.

According to Lisa Coffey, the organization’s director of operations, Kogel,
a snowboarder and ace photographer, has a rare personality trait

Daniel is a very quiet student, but he possesses really strong leadership
skills, she notes. I have seen him grow profoundly in the last year; he
totally came out of his shell.

Grins, of 3rd Rail Jam, would love to see CampInteractive students be part
of the entire event series.

We are looking for some sponsors to cover the students travel costs,
Grins explains. CampInteractive is an amazing organization and it’s a great
marketing opportunity for sponsors.


The grassroots snow competition kicks off Jan. 9 at Mountain Creek in
Vernon, NJ, continues Jan. 23 at Beech Mountain at Beech Mountain Parkway,
NC  followed by a Feb. 6 jam at Raging Buffalo in Algonquin, IL, then Feb.
13 at Brighton Resort
in Brighton, Utah and wrapping up March 6 at Mountain
in Wrightwood, Calif.

Creating its own pocket of culture inside snow sport culture, the 3rd Rail
Jam brings aspiring amateur riders to resorts nationwide.  Up to 150 riders
per stop will take part competing for cash prizes and a limited edition
Launch Snowboard designed by graffiti legend Pose2.   In addition to the
rail competition, there will be live painting by some of the most notorious
graf crews in North America.  If that’s not enough, check out The Battle
Below Zero, a freestyle MC competition pitting eight local MCs against one
another- something that has never been held on snow before.  Additionally,
Under Armour, Skull Candy, Turbine, and Kangol will be on hand to show
everyone the every finest from their new lines and giveaway product to lucky

To top off the high-octane event, Slick Rick will follow each rail jam with
pulsating after-parties that include fashion shows and break dance crews.
Originally from the U.K., the Grammy-nominated rapper, Slick Rick, set the
tunes for Snoop Dogg who covered Ricks hit song, La-Di-Da-Di, and  is
popularly known for his song, Children’s Story, often heard on the dance
floors of many night clubs, in addition to his role in Jay-Z’s, Girls,
Girls, Girls.

Named after the most lethal rail on the Subway in New York City, the 3rd
Rail Jam founders Timmy Grins and Pat Hession always work to create the most
grimy contest set-ups, rarely seen at resorts. Their mix of skier and rider
competitions complete with hip hop music, graffiti and MC battles, work to
bring out the very best in talented young skiers and riders throughout the

The competition is open to three divisions- 15 and under, all girls and best
of breed. For more information, or to register for the 3rd Rail events, go
to For more info on CampInteractive, visit

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