Byrnes and Johansson Take Swedish FIS HP

TANDADALEN, Sweden (Jan. 28) – U.S. Snowboard Team rider Tricia Byrnes(New Canaan, CT) won her second World Cup event of the season Friday ina tight halfpipe in Tandadalen.

Byrnes, who took first in the season’s opening halfpipe event in Tignes,France, won with a score of 34.1. Sweden’s Anna Olofsson was a distantsecond with a 31.5 and Japan’s Michiyo Hashimoto was third, recording a30.8.

Last season’s World Cup champion, Byrnes posted the winning score in herfirst of two runs. She also had the highest score in the second run, a33.1.

“The pipe was pretty hard to ride,” said Byrnes. “It was hard to getused to with the smaller size and quick transitions. It was firm, fastand steep.”

In the men’s contest, Sweden’s Thomas Johansson was first (43.7)followed by Pasi Voho of Finland in second (42.0) and Anders Bjoerck ofSweden in third (41.5).

Three U.S. team riders were in the top-10 as Tommy Czeschin (MammothLakes, CA) was fifth (39.6), Zach Horwitz (Carbondale, CO) was sixth(38.5) and Ricky Bower (Park City, UT) was eighth (37.7). It was thethird straight World Cup event that Horwitz and Bower have each placedin the top-10.

“The pipe is a lot smaller and tighter than what we’re used to riding,”said U.S. coach Peter Foley. “Tricia had a solid run. She had good spinsand threw airs that were big for this type of pipe.”

The U.S. riders have been used to bigger, wider halfpipes like Mammoth’sSuperPipe, which was used last week for the Gravity Games.

“Some of the other guys (Europeans) were able to get more amplitude inthis type of pipe (at Tandadalen), said Foley.

Tandadalen will host another halfpipe contest Saturday.

Tandadalen, Sweden-Jan. 28

Men (10 qualified for finals)
1. Thomas Johansson, Sweden, 43.7
2. Pasi Voho, Finland, 42.0
3. Anders Bjoerck, Sweden, 41.5
4. Fredrik Sterner, Sweden, 40.6
5. Tommy Czeschin, Mammoth Lakes, CA, 39.6
6. Zach Horwitz, Carbondale, CO, 38.5
7. Jari Vastamaki, Finland, 37.8
8. Ricky Bower, Park City, UT, 37.7
9. Hampus Mosesson, Sweden, 37.7
10. Magnus Sterner, Sweden, 33.9

37. Chris Nelson, Mammoth Lakes, CA, 16.8

Women (six qualified for finals)
1. Tricia Byrnes, New Canaan, CT, 34.1
2. Anna Olofsson, Sweden, 31.5
3. Michiyo Hashimoto, Japan, 30.8
4. Alessandra Pescosta, Italy, 29.0
5. Sophia Bergdahl, Sweden, 28.9
6. Sabine Wehr-Hasler, Germany, 27.6
7. Sari Gronholm, Finland, 26.9
8. Maho Yoshimi, Japan, 26.1
9. Sanae Daigo, Japan, 25.9
10. Jenny Wiksten, Sweden, 23.7

19. Tiffany Marshall, USA, 17.8