Burton Slushes Alaska.

When someone invites you to Alaska and says they’ve got time reserved on snow cats and helicopters, you go. That’s just what Burton has done by inviting roughly 150 shops from across North America and even some from Japan to take part in its Slush 99 retailer get together. This year’s Slush party is being held at Alyeska resort just outside of Anchorage.

With a demo tent at the base of the resort and daily snowcat and heli trips also leaving from the base of the resort, there’s no lack of good riding to be had, although it hasn’t snowed in more than a week.

Burton staff members, reps, and product managers are all in attendance to meet and talk to the retailers. Pros like Brian Iguchi, Craig Kelly, and Natasza Zurek are also mingling with the retailers.

The resort is also a good place to party, which is definitely part of the agenda. Because of the direction the resort faces, it doesn’t open up its lifts until 10:30 every morning, and doesn’t close until 5 p.m. This makes for late nights and late morning wake-up calls.

Although the riding at the resort ends at 5, that doesn’t necessarily mean riding stops at that time. This time of year, it’s light out until way after 9 p.m., enabling an afternoon catboarding session that goes from 4 p.m. until after 8 p.m. Add that to a day at the resort, and you’ve made a lot of turns.

Burton has a few other things planned for the crowd as well. A three-ball pool turnament and sled-dog races will also keep people entertained. Afterall, we’re in this business to have fun and there’s plenty of that going on this weekend.