Burton Jib Jump Jam at Waterville

On Saturday March 10th the Burton folks will be rolling into Waterville Valley with a dump truck load of product to give away. Well, they won’t be just giving it away, you will have to earn it in the 2007 Burton Jump Jib Jam. The event is pretty much self descriptive and will consist of a jump and a jib, thus the name Jump Jib Jam. If the event were in a half pipe that name would make absolutely no sense at all… At any rate, it is a free event with a lift ticket or Threedom Pass. Expert judges will watch the competitors spin, press, bonk, etc on their way to winning a grip of gear from Burton. Registration for the event will start at 9am in the Event Yurt. Kicking off around 11am. It will be a rad time as per usual up here at the WV. Make sure to also check out the huge Burton Super Demo that will be going on at the same time! You can demo anything Burton makes as well as check out rad stuff from Motorola and Volvo! See you up here!