In continuing its efforts to become the employer and brand of choice for women, Burton held its 3rd bi-annual Women’s Leadership Day at the Basin Harbor Club in Vergennes, Vermont. Burton President Donna Carpenter introduced the event as a forum to encourage and support Burton women, arming them with the development and direction that will put them on a path to become Burton’s next leaders. Over 100 women from the company attended the event, which hosted speakers, panels, workshops, yoga, and paddle boarding, with‘s CEO Jill Layfield taking the stage to deliver the keynote address.

"We created Burton Women's Leadership Day to help harness and elevate the amazing pool of talent we have among our female employees," stated Donna Carpenter, President of Burton Snowboards. "A diverse and balanced workplace is more crucial than ever in today's marketplace, and at Burton it is a huge initiative to not only engage our women, but also provide them with the tools they need to help them reach their maximum potential here. It was an inspiring day."

Jill Layfield

Donna Carpenter addresses the crowd

About the Burton WLI (Women’s Leadership Initiative)

The WLI is a dedicated committee of women from each Burton department who focus on a simple goal: making Burton the employer and brand of choice for women. Founded by Burton President, Donna Carpenter, the WLI got started about 10 years ago after Burton Founder and CEO, Jake Burton, was in a Directors meeting where only 3 out of 25 attendees were women. Jake immediately realized there was a problem…how could Burton attract the best talent and come up with the most innovative ideas if we were missing half the pool? So with Donna at the helm, the WLI was born, and set out to make concrete changes to Burton’s culture, with the goal of recruiting, retaining and advancing more women at Burton.

Since the WLI committee was formed, it has created numerous programs and policies that have positively impacted both women and men in the work place. As Donna said in a 2011 interview, “Advancing women is not a feel-good or do-good initiative, it really is a bottom-line initiative…getting more women into the workforce isn’t only smart business, it’s critical for the future of the business.”