Burton Global Tour Rages Through the Rockies

Denver Day 1

After recovering from the fumes inhaled at the go cart track in Montreal, it was off to the mile high city of Denver for two days. The clean mountain air dried out our skin and gave us nosebleeds, but that didn’t hold anybody back, despite the hectic travel schedule.

Our first appearance was at Colorado State University on KCSU radio in Fort Collins. Our host “Moses” kept the crew and his audience entertained with questions and stories about this crazy tour we’re on. Gigi, Keir, DCP and Lougee all threw down on the mic and got some good plugs in for the tour stops that were happening down in Denver. The university scene was quite a change from some of the other places we’d been… but the KCSU crew and the students we met cruising around campus were stoked to see the riders.

On the way off campus, we spotted the dopest student transportation of the day. There was an old beat up scooter completely covered in stickers. Gigi and Keir wasted no time adding a few Burton stickers to the collage before posing for a few photos.

Meanwhile, back in Denver…Trevor, JP and Romain were cruising around with Blotto to check out some of the local shops. They made stops at Emage and Colorado S&G to sign a few autographs for the shop employees before heading to the Denver skatepark for a quick session.

Once Keir and Gigi finished messing around with the scooter, we stopped by Wright Life to sign a few autographs for the crew working there. The shop kids were stoked, and we hooked them up with some tickets to the video premier the next night.

After a quick lunch with the group back in Denver, we split for the afternoon radio show on KBPI with “Uncle Nasty.” The drive there turned into a bit of an epic, as street names kept changing every block or two. Mapquest was completely off base, but we still made it to the station on time.

“Uncle Nasty” was definitely one of the most entertaining radio personalities we’ve encountered so far, with a super raspy voice and a list of questions that kept everybody laughing. The best thing is that the show was tape delayed, so we got to listen to the whole thing on the drive back into downtown Denver, stuck in rush hour traffic. Keir and Lougee were holding their own, but hearing Trevor get grilled about his afterhours fun in Montreal was classic.

We connected with the rest of the team once we got back downtown and piled everybody into the van to make our way out to BC Surf and Sport for an autograph session. The shop had a cool setup, with two bubble hockey tables there so kids could play against the riders. John D, the local rep, was shooting Polariods of the riders with their fans after the games so everybody got some cool souvenirs. We wrapped up the day with a few rounds of hockey before calling it a night and heading back to the hotel.

Denver Day 2

Sometimes the only time we have a chance to sit down is to eat. Today was no exception, and at brunch and dinner, the media were right there with us. We had brunch with The Denver Daily Post at a brewery just around the corner from the hotel. After a short break and some time to chill, we headed out to Boulder for an afternoon meal with The Daily Camera. Once we wrapped up all the daytime media meals, we headed back into downtown Denver for the pre party at the Burton Showroom.

By the time we rolled back into Denver the showroom was filling up. The fine folks from Wahoo’s fish tacos were in the house, serving up grub for all the local VIPs. There was plenty of beer from Flying Dog on hand, and the SoBe and Vodkas were getting everybody amped up for the premier. Seth Bruce held down the DJ gig, and we even saw a little action on the decks from Keir.

As things at the showroom started to get out of hand, the time came to move the party to the theater. We traveled in style and brought most of the party with us on the double decker bus that was parked outside. People piled in and filled both vels of the bus, with the rowdier crew all heading upstairs. From where I sat, it sounded like the roof might cave in at any second.

The bus (and the driver) made it to the theater in one piece, despite the crew of drunken snowboarders onboard. Everybody rolled out of the bus and into the crowd that was already waiting outside the theater. The riders were all ushered past security and into the packed venue where the crowd was stoked to meet the riders and check out the videos.

“Good Times” rocked the first half of the show and led into the premier of ANM productions new movie “Artofficial.” Gigi, Trevor, DCP, Romain and Keir all had parts in the film, and nobody had seen it yet. Burton Rookie team rider Ryan Lougee had a solid section, and local Burton hero Seth Bruce had one of the funniest skits in the whole movie. The crowd volume was cranked up to 11 as the mix of Colorado riders and global pros kept the action rockin non-stop.

The videos wrapped and all the riders came up on stage for intros and product giveaways. By this point the crowd and the riders were all pretty rowdy, which led to some tense moments as everybody tried to figure out the best way to give away the autographed board. Gigi narrowed it down to three guys and had them pick numbers before giving up the coveted Dominant. After all the product was given away, DJ Majai held things down on the decks while “The Vaux” got all their equipment set up. The full-on rock show they put on will not soon be forgotten… I think my ears are still ringing.

As the crowd filed out into the streets a group of cop cars showed up. Most of us got on the double decker and got out of there before things got out of hand. Not sure what went down at the theater after we split, but I’m sure the boys in blue had it under control.

Salt Lake City

Rolling into Salt Lake City for the first time since the Olympics, things seemed a little mellow. The last time we were in town, the place was crawling with security and thousands of spectators. It was a refreshing change, without the crowds and security we could cruise around town without all the stress we’d experienced last winter.

The first stop in SLC was at Salty Peaks for an autograph session. A crowd of kids and local media were on hand to meet the team. SLUG, The Tribune and Fox news were all there to document the event and interview the riders about their experiences on the tour so far. The Salty Peaks crew had a great setup there for the riders, and everybody was stoked to check out the collection of vintage boards on display throughout the shop.

After a quick bite to eat, we cruised down to Bricks for the big show. Souls of Mischief, The Beat Junkies and Rhazel were in town to put on a show for the SLC snowboard scene. “Good Times” ran on the big screen as 600+ kids were witness to Rhazel’s unreal beatbox skills. If you’ve never seen him live, it’s a pretty amazing show… Rhazel is a human beatbox, vocalist and sampler all wrapped into one. He was doing the beats, singing the lyrics and dropping the baseline to tracks using nothing but the mic and his voice. Breakdance crews were on the scene too, with a crazy session going down in the back room. As soon as the show wrapped up, everybody headed to The Lazy Moon for the afterparty.

The next day, it was off to Blindside for another autograph session. The riders were stoked to hit the mini ramp in the back of the store, so we showed up early to do a little skating with the shop crew. We wrapped up the session and the riders got down to business, busting out the markers for another signing. Ali Goulet showed up and spun some beats while the team stoked everybody out with their art skills. Check out the shot of DCP’s artistic alterations to his poster.

We wrapped up at the shop and headed out to dinner with the riders and the Blindside crew. Tom and Chad came with us from the store and got to witness some of the chaos that happens when you get a crew of riders together at a big table. Circus tricks were the order of the evening, with balancing towers, upside down glasses full of water and LG’s amazing knife trick. After a few weeks on the road, it’s the little things that keep everybody entertained.hat happens when you get a crew of riders together at a big table. Circus tricks were the order of the evening, with balancing towers, upside down glasses full of water and LG’s amazing knife trick. After a few weeks on the road, it’s the little things that keep everybody entertained.