Burton Disaster Relief Fundraising Efforts A Huge Success

Burlington, Vermont—On November 12th, customers flocked to Burton flagship stores around the world to support Burton’s disaster relief efforts. Every dollar spent at each of the four flagship stores for that day will be donated to organizations to help those affected by the hurricanes in North America and earthquake in Pakistan.

Thanks to customer purchases and additional matching funds contributed by Burton Headquarters, Burton will be giving $152,000 to disaster relief efforts. Habitat for Humanity will receive $130,000 to help people left homeless by the hurricanes in North America and earthquakes in Pakistan. ASPCA will receive $22,000 to help animals in the Gulf region.

The donation to Habitat for Humanity means Burton employees will be building more than snowboards this upcoming spring. As a part of the Habitat for Humanity donation, Burton will sponsor a house that employees will help construct for a family left homeless by the hurricanes. Burton’s donation will also provide support for re-building efforts in Pakistan.

“I would love to just take everyone affected by these disasters to a mountain for a day of snowboarding so they could experience some fun for a change,” said Jake Burton, Founder and Chairman of Burton. “Unfortunately for these people and pets, just surviving is a much bigger priority than having fun right now. So we decided to enlist our customers’ help to raise as much cash as possible and give it to those organizations best serving the victims. We were amazed by the support of riders worldwide to the cause with some shops having their best day ever.”

Thanks again to everyone who came out to support the relief efforts. And stay tuned for more details on the Burton Habitat for Humanity house.