Bula 2007

Montreal, Quebec—Bula headwear, a pioneer in the winter sports industry, is pleased to announce the addition the addition of JF Fortin and Matt Belzile to their Pro Snowboard Team and Matt Kuli, Peanut Martin, and Guillaume Beaudoin to their Amateur Snowboard Team.

JF Fortin hails from Quebec, but has spent the last seven years in Whistler, shredding the backcountry. In addition to filming sick video parts with Carlo Wein’s Alterna Films, JF recently built a cabin in the backcountry which will be featured in an upcoming issue of Snowboard Canada. When asked what he thought about joining the Bula Team, JF said, ”I am so pumped to be a part of this crew. Their products are amazing and I know Bula’s layer one and balaclava will keep me warm in the backcountry! ”

Matt Belzile is everything you could want in a rider. At his young age he is already better than most. He executes all the tricks in the book with style as he can jib, rip the park and shred the backcountry. Matt brings a great dynamic to Bula; his great attitude and sharp mind make him a huge addition to the Bula team. Matt is currently shooting with Alterna Films.

Matt Kuli is all over the place. Whether he’s winning contests or getting shoots, he’s always making it happen. Always smiling and never taking life too seriously, Matt totally fits Bula’s attitude. Matt is already gaining a lot of recognition from his pals and you will continue to hear about him throughout the season! Matt is currently shooting rails on the East Coast and will be heading to The Shake Down and US Open in March.

Peanut Martin is a busy man. He recently opened a new store, On Board, in Montreal, and he also keeps himself active competing in contests and shooting films. A local hero for almost a decade, Peanut’s game is as tight today as it was back then. ”I’m stoked to be part of Bula’s growth. Everyone loves Bula’s audio hats and I can’t wait to see next year’s line, ” said Peanut. You can see Peanut rocking our audio hats in the next Riverside Production.

Graduated from The University of Montreal, Guillaume Beaudoin has always been able to manage school and snowboard. Sporting a great sense of humor, awesome style and great attitude, Guillaume brings a fresh view of snowboarding. ”I like Bula and my 1,500 hat contract is the best one I have ever signed” said Guillaume.

”I am psyched to introduce a truly dedicated snowboard team to Bula,” added JF DuRocher, Bula’s Director of Marketing. “Between their talent and hard work they’re sure to make Bula proud.