Bryan Iguchi joins Faction Denim

Bryan Iguchi joins Faction Denim.

Today Faction Denim announced that their first major team rider sponsorship agreement had been reached in principle with professional snowboarder Bryan Iguchi. The details of the agreement are not being released, but in the deal Bryan becomes a sponsored team rider, part owner and will be consulting both on clothing design and snowboard team direction.

“Bryan and I have some history”, stated Faction President Tim Pogue. “I signed him to his first contract in snowboarding with Burton when I was the team manager back in 1991.” Pogue went on to say, “Bryan will be the leader and key decision maker in the snowboarding market for us. The skateboard team leader will be announced later this month.”

Bryan’s powerful skate and surf influenced style can be seen in The Haakonsen Faktor video by Dave Seone. He just finished shooting video footage in Jackson Hole with Whitey for his new film and is following the snow North into Whistler for more shooting with Standard Films. His career as a professional snowboarder comes first, but Bryan will take time out to go to trade shows, design meetings and even for design school this summer. Bryan was tremendously excited about Faction’s commitment to amateur snowboarders and skateboarders around the world.

“Being involved as an owner and in product development were the key advantages in my decision to join Faction Denim”, said Bryan. “*and with Tim (Pogue) and the guys from IDC (Mike Parillo & Dan Peterka), I know that we will be creating a great brand with some real exciting things going on in design.”

Faction Denim is a line of clothing designed specifically for the specialty skateboard and snowboard retailer. Dedicated to making clothes that both look good and have specific functions for the consumer – making “clothes that breathe”. From the “Standard Issue” basic jean to the highly inventive “Ventilator” vent pant, the line is a solid mixture of industry standards with functional style and a particular attention to detail. Faction is also a snowboard, skateboard, shoe and clothing retailer located at 500 Westlake Ave in Seattle. Check out our retail website at

The line is being shown for the first time February 5th through 7th at the ASR show in Long Beach, Booth # 5319 next to the street course in the arena.

For more information contact Kyle Sherk or Stephanie Pogue at Faction 206-223-7333.