This Monday, April 24th at 11:00pm EST and 11:00 PM PST, professional snowboarder Brent Meyer will be featured on “Stunt Junkies—a new series on the Discovery Channel.

“Stunt Junkies is a new series based on extreme sports athletes creating and attempting new revolutionary feats in their respective sports. The show not only focuses on the actual stunt, but also on what it takes in preparations and calculations to accomplish these potentially impossible stunts.

Brent is well known in the snowboard industry for his creative approach to snowboarding along with his solid all mountain skills. You can catch Brent at most of the major competitions each season, but where he has really made a name for himself is in his ability to create and execute these one of a kind, death-defying stunts. These stunts have been previously featured in the major snowboard magazines’ closing shots three times—the Upside Down Rail, the Road Kill Stunt, and the Sliding Handplant Rail.

The Upside Down Rail, also known as the snowboard version of the “Darkslide, was Brent’s first stunt, in which he did one half of a backflip, landed upside down between two rails on the outside of his bindings, and after sliding the 20-ft long rail completely upside down, he finished the trick by doing a half of a front flip to land back safely on his board. The Road Kill Stunt involved a 1983 Subaru, a sketchy wooden ramp and 35 miles per hour of danger. He stood completely still, strapped into his snowboard, while this car with a ramp attached to the front drove at him. When they collided, he jumped over the car and landed 20 feet behind where he started. In the Sliding Handplant Stunt, Brent rode up a halfpipe wall, did a fronstside handplant on to a rail, which he then slid the length of in a handplant position.

Brent’s latest stunt is very creative and more organic than previous stunts, being built entirely out of snow with no rails or moving cars involved. However, if you asked him, this one seemed the most dangerous: There were times when he risked falling 22 feet to flat on bullet-proof early December Colorado ice (the weather was negative thirty the week of the stunt). Brent lives in Breckenridge, CO with his longtime girlfriend Karen, and his 160 lb St Bernard, Zoie. Brent would like to thank his sponsors—Bataleon Snowboards, Disciple Gloves, Eclipse Snow Park, Sweet Protection, Clif Bar, Season Five, Poorboy Wax, Strand MFG, Kave Industries and Minimum Wage Entertainment,

Be sure to catch the episode on Monday night. Check your local listings, and if by chance you do miss it, look for it again on May 15 and other airdates throughout the summer.