Brazil Invades Chile

The peacelful, powdery slopes of Chile have recently been invaded by Latin America’s most laid back possee of competitors – the Brazilians. Chile’s Valle Nevado Ski Resort reverberated with the beat of Samba music as Brazil determined who has a chance at making it to the 1998 Olympics in Nagano, Japan. With typical Brazilian style, all events started roughly two hours late and the line-up was a random bunch of competitors from around the world – the more the merrier was the theme of the Brazilian National Championships.

The Giant Slalom took place on July 8th with great conditions and visiblity. Out of the 41 competitors, Brazilian Jarbas Peter Cshlub took first place with a time of 1:06:32. Hisayuki Kojima of Japan took second with 1:08:03, and Chilean Matias Doren took a close third with 1:08:07. The Women’s GS was a casual turn-out of four competitors due to bad publicity. Brazilian Isabel Ribeiro took first with a time of 1:31:42, followed by Elenor Reddy from Ireland with 1:32:09, and third place was the Chilean Soledad Wienecke with 1:32:57.

In the Brazilian National Freestyle Championship, the awards went primarily to Chile, as Chilean Sebastian Camus took first with a total of 16.90 points, Gustavo Veiga of Brasil took second with 16.70, and third place to Spiro Razis also from Chile with a total of 16.40. The remaining results of the Mens Freestyle are as follows: 4th) Franz Baher and Pabo Guillisasti both from Chile with a tie of 15.30 5th) Felipe Parker, Chile, 15.10, 6th) Franciso Riquelme, Chile, 14.40, 7th) Rafael Heiva of Chile and Fabio Mattioli of Brasil with a tie of 14.30, and 8th) Paulo Roberto Rocha, Brasil, 14.10.

As for the Women’s Freestyle results in the Brazilian Nationals, Brazilian Juliana Veiga took first with 8 points, and the winner of the GS, Isabel Ribeiro, took second with 7.50. Third place went to Jennifer Ziegenfuss, competing from Colorado, with a total of 7.20.