Bozzetto and Fingerlos Win Tandadalen GS

Tandadalen (SWE). Facing perfect conditions today, nobody has even spent one thought about the fact that the Tandadalen stage of the 1999/2000 NOKIA Snowboard FIS World Cup had to be moved from its original date in November to this week. Nice weather, much more people around at this time of the year and a well prepared slope just made it a fun day on the “Stora Backen”.

NOKIA team riders Matthieu Bozzetto from France and Austria’s Ursula Fingerlos took the gold in the season’s fourth Parallel Giant Slalom.

The event has officially been opened up with a ceremony last night on the World Cup slope, featuring attractive presentations of both ski instructors and snowboard riders, attended by about 2,000 people and concluded with huge fireworks.

Pure sunshine all day and temperatures around zero degrees made today’s Parallel Giant Slalom a perfect race for riders and spectators alike. With Matthieu Bozzetto not surprisingly adding another win to his score, Austria’s Felix Stadler finishing second and Nicolas Huet from France taking third place, the race was a remake of the Berchtesgaden event just two weeks ago. “At the beginning of the season I have not been very strong in parallel racing,” Bozzetto said, “I think I was missing a bit of confidence and continuity but with some more practice it also worked better. Today I had the right stands on my board and now I know that I can also do it in Parallel Giant Slalom.”

It was his first PGS win this season. Felix Stadler once again had to leave it with Bozzetto by a total of 1.02 seconds. “I’m pretty happy with second place,” he said, “I felt tired already this morning and did not expect to even make it to the finals today. It was exactly the same as in Berchtesgaden: I moved on and on and just missed to take the final step.”

France’s Nicolas Huet finished third ahead of his teammate Charlie Cosnier. Bozzetto is further leading the Parallel World Cup standings ahead of Huet and Stadler.

Ursula Fingerlos from Austria won her first-ever Parallel race today, beating current World Cup leader Isabelle Blanc from France in the final head-to-head duel. With Blanc having crashed in the first final run, Fingerlos did not take too much pressure in the second and captured the gold with a lead of a total of 19 hundreds of a second. “So far I have mostly finished around 15th or 20th or even worse in parallel racing,” Fingerlos said, “maybe it’s because it’s so much fun being here in Sweden plus the snow was just perfect and I felt pretty good. My first win on an alpine slope since five years, that’s something special.”

Blanc was happy with second place: “I just didn’t like my crash in the first final run, it would have been looking much nicer without that… but there was this little bump on that part of the course which I have also feared before.”

Manuela Riegler from Austria faced Sweden’s Sara Fischer in the race for third place and could beat her by 36 hundreds of a second. “First, I was a bit angry,” Riegler said, “because in the semi finals I missed to make the final heat by just one hundred of a second. I just can’t ride at my limit so it’s my fault only but at least I made it to the podium, third place is fine.”

Blanc is further wearing the yellow World Cup leader bib, Riegler is in second place while Margerita Parini from Italy who did not make it to the finals today dropped back to third.

The season’s third Parallel Slalom race is scheduled for tomorrow.

Women1 Fingerlos, Ursula AUT
2 Blanc, Isabelle FRA
3 Riegler, Manuela AUT
4 Fischer, Sara SWE

After Quarterfinal
5 Schlegel, Nina AUT 32.48
6 Fletcher, Rosey USA 32.84
7 Riegler, Claudia AUT 33.31
8 Renoth, Heidi GER 33.58

not in Finals
9 Ruby, Karine FRA 33.68
10 Parini, Margerita ITA 33.70
11 van Ert, Sondra USA 34.08
12 Windahl, Aasa SWE 34.41
13 Ranigler, Carmen ITA 34.52
14 Kirchgasser, Maria AUT 34.60
15 O’Malley, Erin USA 34.68 1
16 Farmand, Sandra GER 34.69
17 Desmares, Nathalie FRA 34.88
18 Trettel, Lidia ITA 34.92
19 Mair u d Eggen, Dagmar ITA 34.94
20 Herbert, Birgit AUT 35.03
20 Fournier, Dorothee FRA 35.03
22 Zedlacher, Isabel AUT 35.24
23 Aranda, Teresa SPA 35.71
24 Kaltiainen, Anna FIN 35.83
25 Hasegawa, Miho JPN 36.05
26 Trudel, Ivana CAN 36.14
27 Sauerbreij, Nicolien NED 36.22
28 Iida, Ran JPN 36.70
29 Laissus, Marie FRA 36.82
30 Barclay, Melissa CAN 37.34
32 Cloutier, Helene CAN 37.96
33 Sauerbreij, Marieke NED 38.76
34 Kuvaja, Mari FIN 38.79
35 Odynski, Elisabeth USA 38.92
36 Sarias, Niina FIN 39.66
37 Pomagalski, Julie FRA 40.13
38 Hookom, Stacia USA 40.69
39 Whalen, Lindsey USA 42.89

Did not Finish
4 Reinauer, Katja GER
11 Posch, Marion ITA
31 Kukucz, Malgorzata POL
33 Kosglow, Lisa USA
34 Guenther, Doris AUT

1 Bozzetto, Matthieu FRA
2 Stadler, Felix AUT
3 Huet, Nicolas FRA
4 Cosnier, Charlie FRA

After Quarterfinal
5 Chiquet, Mathieu FRA 28.20
6 Anderson, Jasey Jay CAN 28.29
7 Krassnig, Dieter AUT 28.75
8 Copp, Stephen SWE 28.98

after 1/8-Final
9 Messner, Elmar ITA 28.69
10 Koller, Alexander AUT 28.97
11 Richardsson, Richard SWE 28.98
12 Ebner, Markus GER 29.06
13 Behounek, Mathias GER 29.25
14 Manificat, Fabien FRA 29.37
15 Kosir, Dejan SLO 29.39
16 Prommegger, Andreas AUT 29.55

not in Finals
17 Fawcett, Mark CAN 29.59
18 Frank, Sebastien FRA 29.79
19 Kildevaeld, Mike DAN 29.80
20 Niederstätter, Kurt ITA 29.83
21 Walder, Harald AUT 29.89
22 Pogue, Anton USA 29.90
23 Sylvestre, Jerome CAN 29.95
23 Berney, Rob USA 29.95
25 Idesheim, Maxence FRA 30.05
26 Barone Pitsch., Ascan ITA 30.13
27 Frenademez, Karl ITA 30.14
28 Bourgault, Thomas FRA 30.19
29 Morency, Mathieu CAN 30.26
30 Klug, Christopher J USA 30.27
31 Knafelj, Tomaz SLO 30.39
32 Rabanser, Georg ITA 30.41
33 Vendelin, Mikko FIN 30.51
34 Steggall, Zeke AUS 30.55
35 Aspman, Jonas SWE 30.56
36 Nantermod, Guillaume SUI 30.71
37 Macomber, Pete USA 30.82
37 Chalmers, Darren CAN 30.82
39 Tsuruoka, Kentaro JPN 30.89
40 Pitkälä, Antti-Jussi FIN 30.90
41 Johansen, Geir NOR 30.97
42 Vastamäki, Joni FIN 31.30
43 Fröyse, Arnstein Dalum NOR 31.33
44 Ebenbauer, Werner AUT 31.53
45 Casanova, Adam J. USA 31.64
46 Goto, Tomoki JPN 31.72
47 Janbroers, Mark NED 31.90
48 Lien, Alexander NOR 31.97
49 Fletcher, John AUS 32.02
50 Nuuttila, Mikko FIN 32.03
51 Fröyse, Alf Dalum NOR 32.09
52 Stradley, Jerred USA 32.20
53 Drinker, Matt USA 32.89
54 Thomas, Mike USA 33.17
55 White, Ben USA 33.39
56 Moruzzi, Riccardo BRA 33.61
57 Johansson, Jonathan SWE 34.59
58 Elfvendahl, Johan SWE 34.64
59 Laurence, Jonathan USA 34.69
60 Moreus, Jon SWE 34.78
61 Feichter, Walter ITA 34.94

Did not Finish
33 Biveson, Daniel SWE
41 Maier, Alexander AUT
68 Fischer, Philippe SWE

Timing by SWATCHTiming by SWATCH